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Insulin Novorapid Flexpen 100 Units Per ML

Novorapid is insulin produced by Novonordisk laboratories: it is very similar to that produced by the human body, the only difference being its onset of action which is much faster and its shorter duration of action. This substance is a protein hormone of the human body, it is the most anabolic hormone that exists. Secreted by the pancreas, it plays an essential role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins and in particular it will promote the absorption of blood glucose towards the various cells (adipose, skeletal muscles, liver). Clearly, when you ingest a food, your blood sugar (i.e. your concentration of glucose in the blood) will increase, in response to this, the body, via the pancreas, will secrete this hormone which will have the role to allow blood glucose to enter the various cells of the human body, in order to have a return to normal blood sugar levels. Conversely, when blood sugar is low, the pancreas will secrete a hormone, glucagon, in order to release the glucose stored in the liver. It is therefore a particularly important hormone in the human body and in bodybuilding in particular, because it will promote the transport of glucose to the various muscles (but also to adipose tissue), thus its use in bodybuilding, and more particularly bodybuilding. , has spread widely. Nevertheless, its use remains quite dangerous, by dint of playing too often with your insulin level, you can unluckily find yourself diabetic. Its use is therefore only reserved for high-level or even professional competitors. The flexpen has a strong synergy with hgh, thyroid hormones and anabolic steroids.The mixture of these products is used by almost 100% of top bodybuilders and is extremely effective. Novorapid insulin flexpen is sold as 3ML pens containing 100ui of insulin per ml. It is an extremely dangerous molecule which is not reserved for anyone: it has caused, in some cases, death because of the hypoglycemia it can cause and if this is not the case, it can lead to brain damage which can in turn cause paralysis and other serious pathologies.

What is Novorapid Flexpen?

Insulin novorapid flexpen was developed by Novonordisk laboratories for patients suffering from type 1 and 2 diabetes. Insulin novorapid has a much faster onset of action than the human version secreted by our pancreas, as well as a much shorter action: it begins to act approximately 10 to 20 minutes after the injection and reaches its maximum effect 1 to 3 hours later and has a duration of action of 3 to 5 hours. This hormone, when used by bodybuilders, is first used directly after the session (some use it at different times of the day in addition). This is when by injecting insulin, the body will be able to send a large amount of nutrients to your muscles (but also to your fat cells if you consume too many carbohydrates), whether creatine, amino acids, proteins: they can be transported to the different muscle tissues. For this, it is therefore necessary to absorb a certain quantity of proteins and carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, directly after your injection (the protocol in question is the one used when it is not coupled with hgh, if necessary, the protocol is markedly different).We recommend starting on the basis of 10gr of carbohydrates ingested per IU of product injected: clearly, if you have injected 10ui of this hormone, you will need to consume 100gr of carbohydrates in addition to your protein and possibly your creatine and acids amines. As for the dosages, it is generally advisable to start gradually with 2 to 4ui maximum the first time and increase the dosage by one IU each time, in order to test your tolerance to this molecule. Prefer the use of this product 3 to 4 times a week maximum and for periods of 1 month maximum, in order to avoid desensitizing your body to insulin, but also in order to avoid putting your pancreas at rest too long time. Insulin novorapid is sold in pens each containing 3ml of solution.

Novorapid Flexpen vs FlexTouch – What do you really need?

To use the novorapid flexpen insulin in bodybuilding, there is nothing simpler: the flexpen system is a pen containing an insulin cartridge, you just have to select the desired dose using the rotary slider located on the top of the pen, once the dose has been selected, all you have to do is screw in novorapid needles sold in packs of 100 in French pharmacies and without a prescription. Recently, the Novonordisk company replaced flexpen with flextouch. There is no significant difference between these two pens, the novorapid whether it is associated with the flexpen or flextouch pen will work in the same way if it is used for bodybuilding.

Side effects

Where you should be particularly careful when using novorapid flexpen 3ML insulin is in terms of side effects: playing with this hormone presents many risks and can lead, in the worst cases, to death.First of all, if poorly controlled, insulin novorapid can cause a dramatic increase in body fat, so much of what you eat can be stored in your fat cells. There may also be a phenomenon of hypoglycaemia if you inject this product and you consume little or no carbohydrates directly afterwards, your blood sugar will drop sharply and can, in the worst cases, cause death and if this is not the case, cause serious permanent brain damage (some people found themselves paralyzed in one limb, for example). There may also be impaired vision during hypoglycemia, as well as sweating, palpitations, etc.). Novorapid flexpen insulin sold in the form of pens containing 300UI/3ML may have the same side effects as before if the use is not controlled Be sure to scrupulously respect the protocols when you use it. In addition, it is totally useless to inject this substance if you have no serious objective of competition in the world of professional bodybuilding, and even in this case, the use is not always judicious, it remains reserved for bigger sizes.

Best Place To Buy Novorapid Flexpen Online

Buying novorapid insulin is easy on the internet, it's an inexpensive hormone, and it's available all over the world. Novorapid flexpen is a hormone produced by Novonordisk laboratories, producing treatments for people suffering from different pathologies related to certain hormones in the human body (growth hormone, etc.). It is therefore the version with a very fast onset of action, it is of pharmaceutical quality of course. Novorapid flexpen is offered as 3ml pens and available at a great price.Place an order on our website and proceed to payment via the various payment methods we offer, including bitcoins, western union/money gram or bank transfer. Once your payment has been received, we will ship your package directly from the European Union. Your package will be delivered to your home within approximately one week. If your package does not arrive at its destination, whether it is stolen, lost or broken, we will send you another one at our expense. In addition, we provide you with email support to answer any of your questions within a maximum of 24 hours.


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