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60 Tabs of 25MG Proviron. Bayer

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The trade name proviron is surely one of the oldest and most famous anabolic steroids. Produced by the famous pharmaceutical company Bayer Schering, it made its appearance in 1934. It is a rather unique steroid of its kind: it was heavily used in its early days in medicine and in bodybuilding but has no real advantage over the other compounds. The problem being that although it has a higher anabolic potential than testosterone, it results in almost no anabolic activity and therefore makes it unsuitable, if not useless, for muscle mass gain. It also has a particular specificity that it shares with winstrol: they can both bind strongly to shbg, and proviron 25mg seems to be the most effective on this. By binding to this transport protein, it will therefore release a portion of free testosterone which can be used by muscle tissue: there will therefore be more bioavailable testosterone. It also has, and this is its main use, the ability to interact with the enzyme aromatase, therefore preventing a certain amount from being converted into estrogen. It will not act as strongly as an aromatase inhibitor, but nevertheless its effect will be present. You can buy proviron online on our website at very good prices.

Cycle Results

A cycle of proviron alone will not bring any results, due to its almost zero anabolic activity. It will mostly be used for its mild anti-estrogen effect, in cycles where users are mildly sensitive to estrogen and an aromatase inhibitor is not helpful, but estrogen levels still rise slightly.In addition, it will be of particular help to avoid water retention and likewise to lower the shbg level and therefore increase the free testosterone level of a cycle. It was used a lot before the beginning of the 2000s, however with the appearance of aromatase inhibitors it was less and less used in the middle of bodybuilding. Being an anabolic steroid, it cannot therefore be used as a boost and its anti-estrogen effect being weak, proviron is not powerful enough to dry out the muscle in the last weeks before a competition. Nevertheless, it remains ideal for people who want a mild anti-estrogen, since it has the double advantage of slightly lowering estrogen levels and shbg. You can buy it in the form of tablets containing 25mg of mesterolone.

How To Use Proviron On Cycle?

Depending on how you want to use it, the dosage of proviron will obviously vary. It is naturally with a view to performance where it should be the highest. It generally oscillates in 50 and 150mg according to the individuals and the tolerance of each one, 100mg is a good dosage which will make it possible to potentiate the effect of the other anabolic steroids, certain people even go up to 150mg according to a cycle. Mesterolone should be used together with anabolic steroids on a cyclical basis, i.e. over 8-12 weeks (use on 6th should be more than enough). To treat fertility problems, the dose of proviron 25mg will of course have to be much lower, usually 50-75mg divided into 2-3 doses of 25mg is sufficient.

Proviron And Winstrol: Cycle Option

Proviron can of course be combined with several anabolic steroids. One of the anabolics with which it shares a peculiarity is stanozolol, more commonly known as winstrol.The latter has, like proviron, the property of strongly lowering the shbg. Of course, all steroids have this ability, but these two do it on a much higher level. For example, for winstrol, it is known that a dosage as low as 20mg per day orally would lower shbg by almost 50%, so the combined use of the two could be very effective and increase available free testosterone levels. for different muscle tissues. A cycle of this kind will of course have to be combined with testosterone, between 500 and 1000mg depending on the level of the individual, associated with nandrolone phenypropionate for example with winstrol, which should be able to bring you quality gains and lower your fat mass rate, while avoiding the slightest water retention (an appropriate diet will of course be necessary). Such a cycle should of course be combined with post-cycle therapy, in order to revive the natural production of testosterone as quickly as possible. The use of SERMs such as nolvadex and clomid will of course be necessary and the addition of hcg would be a significant plus. You can of course buy all these molecules in France via our website, it will be sent to you from the European Union within a week.

Negative Effects Of Proviron

Certain side effects are of course possible with mesterolone, like any anabolic steroid. However with the latter, the effects should be very mild, if not non-existent in the majority of users. First of all, you can experience effects related to its androgenic action, i.e. acne, oily skin and accelerated hair loss if you are predestined for it. Where you have to pay particular attention with proviron is on the cardiovascular level and in particular cholesterol: it has a certain negative impact on HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and on bad cholesterol (LDL).Some studies have shown that it can lower HDL cholesterol by up to 30% and increase LDL by up to 60%, so you will need to rigorously monitor your lipid profile via regular blood tests and especially avoid the use of proviron 25mg if you suffer from cholesterol. Of course, we can minimize this impact on cholesterol, but this will require rigor and a healthy lifestyle on your part. A healthy diet, rich in essential fatty acids and omega 3, associated with dietary supplements that reduce cholesterol will be necessary. Like any anabolic steroid there is some suppression of natural testosterone production, the good news being that with proviron dosages as high as 150mg will only minimally affect your natural testosterone production.

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Mesterolone remains difficult to find in pharmacies: its production having decreased sharply, it is now mainly found only on the internet market offered by various traders. Buying proviron was difficult at one time, especially since it was only available in pharmacies, but with its democratization we can now quite easily buy it online. It is a rather expensive molecule with a high price, nevertheless you can get it from us at very competitive prices. This is of course pharmaceutical grade proviron, we only carry premium pharmaceutical grade products. To get it, all you have to do is add it to your basket and proceed to payment via our online platform.You will be offered four possible means of payment: the most advantageous remains bitcoin, it is the most advantageous both for you and for us: there are no costs because they are borne by us, payment is instantaneous by credit card, it is 100% anonymous and 100% secure, but you can also choose to make a money transfer via western union or money gram but there, on the other hand, it will be necessary to travel to an agency and certain costs will be payable to you invoiced or you can simply make a bank transfer (fees which may be high depending on your bank will be deducted from your bank account). Once this step has been completed and as soon as the funds have been received by our team, we will prepare and ship your package directly from the European Union. It will be delivered to you within a record time of one week and if an incident prevents your package from being delivered, whether it is lost or never arrives at its destination, we undertake to resend it to you at our fees. We are the leaders of the French market and we offer the largest catalog of pharmaceutical products and anabolic steroids existing in all of France. You also have at your disposal an email support intended to answer all your questions within a maximum of 24 hours and available 7 days a week.


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