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Buy T4 Thyroid Hormone From Uni-Pharma

T4 is the synthetic form of one of the two thyroid hormones that our body produces, thyroxine. Like T3, it is used to treat cases of hypothyroidism. T4 is used a little less in the world of bodybuilding than T3, it is nevertheless a much more "safe" choice as we say in the jargon, because it is less active than T3. It is frequently used for the treatment of hypothyroidism, because it should be known that the T3 of our body is simply the result of a conversion of thyroxine: when the T4 loses an atom of iodine (it comes into contact with the other cells from the blood stream and will lose an iodine atom in order to interact with these cells, a process which is done using a deiodinase enzyme), it becomes T3. If you buy it the advantage over T3 is that taking T4 allows your body to do things the way they are done naturally, i.e. it gets T3 thanks to the T4 thyroxine that you ingest, whereas when you take T3 you administer a substance which, basically, is only obtained by a conversion of another hormone, with T4 you allow your body to follow a normal process, whereas with T3 there is no longer the conversion step. In addition, it has a much longer half-life, around 7 days, compared to 24 hours for T3. You should know that products that affect the thyroid are particularly effective in accelerating the metabolism, so your body will burn more calories, it will make better use of them and stimulate the use of fat reserves (but also muscles, that is where special attention should be paid.For this we do not recommend the use of these products without anabolic steroids, at the risk of seeing your muscles melt like snow in the sun). These two molecules are obviously not recommended for novice users, a minimum of experience in the world of bodybuilding and anabolic steroids, as well as technical and scientific knowledge on the issue are necessary before starting the use of this kind of stuff.

Cytomel T3 Vs T4: Which To Choose?

When making the choice to add a thyroid hormone to your anabolic steroid cycle, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, T3 is much more active than thyroxine, to achieve an equivalent of 25-100mcg of T3, you will need to take 200-300mcg of T4. Because of this, T3 may be much more potent at speeding up metabolism, but also much more harmful to your muscles. If you use a fairly large dose of anabolic steroids, T3 may be using up some of your muscle. In addition, studies have proven that during a low calorie and low carbohydrate diet, the conversion, the level of deiodinase (enzyme that activates the production of thyroid hormones) in the body is found reduced and therefore thyroxine is reduced, which will impact the production of T3. For this, many athletes prefer the use of T3 for ketogenic type diets. T3 has been, until today, much more frequently used than thyroxine, but recently according to certain studies, T4 would have a synergy with hgh, therefore, its use has become more and more widespread among bodybuilders who associate it with hgh. It's up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each of these two hormones, in order to buy the hormone that will suit you best.

Thyroxine T4 Cycle Options

The use of the thyroid hormone T4 instead of T3 should be reserved only during cycles including hgh, due to the synergy it brings to the latter, it can provide an interesting effect. On the other hand, if you decide to use T4 for the purpose of fat loss and without the use of growth hormones, the dosage will generally have to be much higher than the dosage usually taken with T3. Thus, if you want to achieve a production of T3 equivalent to 50mcg (which is twice your natural production which is around 25mcg), you will therefore need to take a dosage of around 200mcg of T4. Thyroid hormones are particularly effective at burning fat mass, but they will also attack lean mass and more particularly with T3. Be careful all the same when you buy T4. We offer thyroxine manufactured by Uni pharma, a pharmaceutical laboratory. Some "underground" labs sell thyroxine which is not manufactured by real pharmaceutical laboratories and therefore the dosage indicated on the box does not necessarily correspond, this can be very serious with the thyroid, hence the importance for thyroid hormones to always buy a pharmaceutical product.

Best Place To Buy Thyroxine T4 Online?

Synthetic thyroid hormones are drugs whose cost is not very high, they are particularly used in the middle of bodybuilding. So, you can buy T4 from Uni pharma, the main producer of this thyroid hormone here, it is obviously a pharmaceutical grade product. When you have placed the order for your T4, we will ship it directly from the European Union, once your payment has been received. We have a customs clearance rate of almost 100%.Your package will be delivered to your home within approximately one week (excluding postal service problems related to strikes, bad weather, etc.). If your package does not arrive at its destination or has been stolen or lost, we will take the commitment to send you another one at our expense. We are number 1 in France and provide you with the largest catalog of anabolic steroids in France. We only sell pharmaceutical quality products certified by laboratory analysis. 100% of our users are satisfied with our products, in addition, a wide choice of payment methods is offered to you, bitcoins (fast, secure and anonymous allows you to pay by credit card), but also by money transfer with western union or money gram or simply by bank transfer. Uni pharma's T4 thyroxine is available in boxes of 90 tablets dosed at 200mcg per tablet.


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