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Boldenone Undecylenate 250 (Equipoise)

Boldenone undeclyenate is a basic anabolic steroid used in the veterinary community. Its effectiveness is no longer to be demonstrated and you can incorporate it into the majority of your cycles. Originally manufactured with the aim of having a dianabol with a long duration of action, the result was not as expected, its chemical structure being close to methandienone, the effects are clearly different. Prepared in a solution with a concentration equal to 250 mg/ml, from its trade name, equipoise, it requires a fairly substantial dosage in order to feel the effects, 600 to 1000mg for a first use of this molecule seems sufficient. Having one of the longest half-lives, the effects are slow to be felt, so opt for: either the addition of a kickstart, or a frontload of boldenone 250. Boldenone is a steroid which, coupled with a good diet , provided significant gains. Very popular with endurance athletes due to its ability to stimulate epo, it is one of the few anabolic steroids that will not decrease your cardio-respiratory level, but on the contrary it will be of great help to you. level there.

Benefits Of Equipoise

Among the positive effects of boldenone, the first to be noted is its low conversion into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme and therefore a reduction in the risk of gynecomastia and water retention. Equipoise 250 also has the particularity of increasing appetite, but also vascularization, an increase in nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. This molecule will bring you quality and lasting muscle gains over time.Add to this, of course, all the effects linked to testosterone, such as increased libido, a feeling of well-being, increased strength. Its main characteristic remains the stimulation of erythropoietin and therefore a possible increase in your endurance. A reduction in DHT production, compared to testosterone, will save you from effects such as hair loss. It will also allow, if there is addition of another steroid, to potentiate the effect of the latter and therefore to have to put a lower dose while keeping the same power, this is the case with trenbolone, added to boldenone: this will allow you to reduce the dose of trenbolone which is known to have a rather harsh side effect profile. Boldenone is present in many top bodybuilder cycles, its ability to produce quality lean mass is highly valued. Very few people react badly to boldenone, it is a fairly mild steroid and a good choice if you are prone to testosterone side effects. With a compound of 250mg of boldenone, you will therefore only have to inject 3-5ml maximum per week, which has a considerable advantage, especially in cycles based on many molecules where the quantity in ml of oil to be injected becomes quite huge and therefore painful for its user, the various injection sites will be less saturated by the quantity of oil which will be less.

Recommended Doses

The mg per mg potency of boldenone is slightly lower than that of testosterone. Thus, during a cycle of boldenone, the dosage must be substantial, so prefer the purchase of boldenone at high concentrations in order to avoid having to inject too much oil.For a 1st use, (preferably, it should be coupled with testosterone for a better synergistic effect), at a dosage between 600 and 1200mg (for a real beginner in steroids, i.e. for a 1st cycle, 400-600mg is enough), dosage that will give you significant gains. Buying boldenone online on our site is very simple and we offer you a concentration of 250mg/ml, which means that it will be painless for the most part during the injection. Due to its very long half-life, a boldenone cycle generally lasts 15 weeks, equipoise is released very slowly in the body. If you do not want to do such a long cycle, you can reduce the duration to 10-12 weeks, provided you carry out a pre-loading (frontload), that is to say to inject yourself about 2 times the week's amount plus the amount of a normal injection, 2 injections per week will be more than enough. A good intermediate level cycle of boldenone can be as follows: testosterone enanthate or cypionate or sustanon 1000mg/week, boldenone 800mg/week, dianabol 40mg/day. A cycle such as this one for an intermediate level can bring a gain of around 5-8kg of sustainable lean mass, provided you have an adequate diet. For a confirmed level, we can increase the dosage of boldenone to 1200mg, or even a little more.

Side effects

In terms of side effects, boldenone has a fairly mild profile, being less androgenic than testosterone, however, one of the negative effects of boldenone is its ability to increase hematocrit. All steroids have this disadvantage, but it is an effect in boldenone that must be monitored, as a result, there is an increase in the number of red blood cells and therefore a thickening of the blood, which can cause the formation of blood clots , hypertension and dizziness.So be sure to monitor your hematocrit and hemoglobin levels when using it. Just like any anabolic steroid, boldenone causes natural testosterone production to shut down. Thus, after each cycle, a follow-up is strongly recommended. The use of SERM, such as nolvadex in addition to clomid will do the trick, depending on whether or not you have incorporated a 19 nor-testerone, the recovery will have to be longer and more dosed. A temporary testicular shrinkage may also be observed, to counter this, the use of hcg up to 2x25ui per week is judicious and will facilitate recovery. The wait should be about 3 weeks before the last injection so that your testosterone levels are low enough to allow an optimal recovery. At a high dosage, a drop in HDL cholesterol can occur, so be sure to eat essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,9) in good quantity. Studies have also detected the presence of hepatic toxicity from boldenone in rats, at a dosage of 5mg/kg dw, liver tissue damage was observed, although rat metabolism differs from human. However, care should be taken and regular thorough blood tests should be taken when using any anabolic steroid and in particular with boldenone. So remember to monitor your transaminases. Most of the studies done on boldenone concern animals, so there are many studies on horses, rabbits and rats. Few human studies exist and therefore do not take the use of boldenone lightly.

Buy Equipoise Online

Due to its high availability in the market, if you want to buy boldenone online in the UK, we offer pharmaceutical grade.In addition, we have at your disposal a team ready to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. From a logistics and security point of view, we are the best, we assure you a delivery time of less than a week after payment, the package is carefully packaged and discreet, the customs clearance rate is almost 100%. We are one of the few businesses to offer you so many different means of payment: bitcoins, moneygram, western union and bank transfer. Thus, buying boldenone (and not equipoise, this being the trade name) will no longer be a problem for you. A broken vial or a lost package? We'll send you another one directly. In addition, we offer a very wide choice of steroids and at different given concentrations, mixes not found elsewhere are available from us, few sites offer so many. Undecylenate boldenone is a very good steroid, without having a significant side effect profile, which is why we have chosen to sell it in different concentrations and at a very favorable price for a pharmaceutical grade product. Unlike other labs, if we announce a dosage of 250mg/ml, it is because the vial contains this dose exactly at more or less 2mg, with supporting laboratory tests. We will not sell underdosed products as there are many on the internet. In addition, there are no added substances other than boldenone. Indeed, it is not uncommon in certain clandestine laboratories to find the addition of substances toxic to humans in small quantities in the vials. Our laboratory tests indicate the purity of the product, so on this side you have nothing to worry about. We are the number 1 on the French market, consult the opinions on the French forums, you will not find anyone disappointed with our products.Many athletes regularly post their cycle and blood test which you can view online.


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