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Oral T-bol – 100 Turinabol 10MG Tablets

Oral t-bol, as it is called, is an anabolic steroid derived from dianabol which has been substituted with a chlorine atom. Developed in the 1960s by the German company Jenapharm, it was the subject of a huge doping program involving more than 10,000 German athletes. Similar in chemical structure to dbol, it is nevertheless quite different in terms of effects. Turinabol 10 is somewhat of a mild dianabol, it has a relatively low side effect profile, it is only very weakly androgenic, so it does not cause any water retention, moreover, it has no interaction with aromatase enzyme, therefore no risk of the onset of gynecomastia and it does not undergo any conversion into DHT. Very versatile steroid, it is suitable for the majority of athletes, whether you are an amateur or professional bodybuilder wishing to lower your body fat or increase your muscle mass, it will provide you with the expected results. It is also very popular with athletes from different sports, whether for sprinting or strength, it can significantly increase your strength and speed if training accordingly is followed. We offer turinabol manufactured by Valkyrie Pharmaceutical, at a dosage of 10mg per tablet, in sachets of 100 tablets.

How Turinabol Works?

Turinabol 10 acts quite similarly to dianabol and most anabolic steroids.First of all, it will stimulate the synthesis of proteins (when it is injected, it penetrates the membrane, then binds to the androgen receptors, together, they will bind to the DNA then, by transcription into RNA and translation thereafter a new protein will be released), as well as nitrogen retention, to a lesser degree than dianabol certainly, but still sufficient to allow quality muscle gain. Oral turinabol will to some degree increase the production of red blood cells, thereby more oxygen will circulate in the blood and therefore more oxygen will be delivered to the muscles, therefore muscle endurance will be greatly increased. It is only weakly androgenic and therefore the side effects that are usually found with testosterone use, such as the appearance of acne, oily skin, water retention, hypertension, l acceleration of hair loss, will be much lighter with turinabol. It is sold in tablets containing 10mg per tablet.

Positive Effects

First of all, while on a turinabol cycle, you shouldn't expect huge gains in muscle mass, as you do with dianabol or anadrol. Oral turinabol will provide you with good quality and lasting muscle gains over time, there will be very little or no water retention, your muscles will be more veiny and striated (provided you have a rate low enough fat mass), as well as your muscular strength will be considerably increased. Sold in 10mg tablets of turinabol, the dose will not be the same if you are a bodybuilder or a practitioner of any sport, because yes turinabol is a very effective steroid when it comes to increasing the athletic performance, it will be able to adapt to all sports, whether it is a discipline with dominant speed or dominant strength or even power, it will have a considerable impact on your performance.Likewise, during a cutting/cutting phase in a bodybuilder, it has anti-catabolic properties: it will inhibit the effect of glucocorticoids, such as cortisone, by binding to its receptors. Like testosterone, a feeling of well-being, as well as an increase in libido are common with turinabol.

Turinabol Cycle Results

Turinabol sold in the form of tablets is an anabolic steroid that combines very well with other compounds such as testosterone, anavar or even trenbolone, associated with these, turinabol 10 can provide interesting gains in terms of muscle mass dryness and significantly lower the rate of fat mass if an adequate diet is followed. Taken alone, in a beginner, one can easily hope for 5 to 7kg of muscle mass for a very first cure, on the other hand, during the following cycles, one can expect gains half equal to those mentioned above. When taken in combination with other anabolic steroids, it's totally different: when combined with testosterone and deca or trenbolone, for example, you can easily aim for +10kg with such a cycle. , while minimizing side effects. Any athlete will see significant gains associated with using oral t-bol: a sprinter will see their time improve by a few tenths, a shot putter will throw farther, a weight lifter will lift heavier.

Oral Turinabol Dosage For Bodybuilding

The dosage of Turinabol will have to vary according to the use you want to make of it: for the purpose of muscle hypertrophy, it will obviously have to be quite substantial, so I will see for a beginner a dosage between 60 and 70mg depending on the level of practice and body weight. Because it is 17 alpha alkylated, a cycle should never exceed 6-8 weeks, beyond that there will be no significant gain.For a slightly more advanced level, the dosage can be increased to 80-100mg, but when combined with other anabolic steroids, it is not useful to exceed these dosages. At some level, users prefer to turn to dianabol or anadrol, because turinabol 10mg has quite limited potential, it is more reserved for novice/intermediate users rather than experienced users where it will not bring real advantage compared to dianabol. In terms of the side effects of tbol, ​​there is nothing particularly dangerous, except its impact on the liver, being 17 alpha alkylated, care must be taken to check its transaminases regularly. Other than that, turinabol does not aromatize, convert to DHT, and only weakly suppresses natural production (revival is still required, natural axis suppression rate may vary depending on tbol dosage).

Turinabol User Reviews

For the majority of turinabol users, at the end of a cycle, only positive results generally emerge: the t-bol has been able to give them what they expected, even better in some cases. What makes tbol so attractive to first-time and slightly more experienced users is its extremely mild side effect profile. When you are a beginner, you are necessarily afraid of the side effects linked to steroids, under turi, you will have almost no side effects, in certain cases of course, depending on your genetics, certain effects may appear, but there again, it will only be very minimal and without particular danger.Finally, this steroid has the distinction of being quite expensive, much more than dianabol, for this reason some people prefer the use of dianabol, moreover, its production cost being high, some dishonest laboratories do not hesitate to replacing the turinabol molecule with that of dianabol, while pretending that it is tbol. Dianabol being much less expensive and just as effective, the majority of people see nothing but fire, satisfied with the gains they have obtained, they only think they have good quality turinabol, the difference being that dbol can be much more aggressive in terms of side effects for a beginner.

Where To Buy Turinabol Online For Cheap?

To buy turinabol, nothing could be simpler: on our site, we offer you turinabol manufactured by Valkyrie Pharmaceutical, a world-renowned laboratory which only offers pharmaceutical quality products certified by laboratory analyses. The tbol is sold in tablet format of 10mg each, in sachets of 100 tablets. We are the number 1 sellers in France and we offer the largest catalog of anabolic steroids in France. Once your order has been placed on our website, we will carefully pack your package and ship it directly from the European Union to ensure smooth customs clearance. Your package will be delivered to your home within one week of dispatch. Whether your package is lost, broken or stolen, we make the commitment to reship another one directly. In addition, we have provided you with email support available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in order to answer any of your questions, within a maximum of 24 hours.Several payment methods are available on our platform, so you can choose to pay either by credit card via bitcoin, or by money transfer via western union or money gram, or simply make a bank transfer.


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