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Clenbuterol is what is called a beta agonist substance, originally used in the veterinary community (but nowadays it is quite easy to buy it online on the internet) and especially for race horses, at which he greatly helped to treat bronchopulmonary problems. It has the ability to stimulate beta 2 adrenergic receptors. In humans it was used for its impressive ability to reduce fat mass, but also to improve ventilation and increase blood flow, which boils down to a gain in strength (better ventilation and therefore better oxygen supply to the muscles) and increased congestion. Unlike anabolic steroids, clenbuterol is a substance that has been and still is used by many people, both athletic and non-athletic. It was undetectable until 1992 when athletes tested positive for it. It is used as much in strength sports as in other sports (table tennis, canoeing, tennis and other athletes have tested positive for this molecule). It induces strong thermogenesis and has a certain anti-catabolic effect, but this point is still controversial. It does, however, have some pretty disturbing side effects that make users of this product easily recognizable, the most noticeable of all being tremors, whether in the hands or feet. Clenbuterol, in the vast majority of users, will create tremors which will gradually decrease during the cycle, but which can be annoying to those around the person. It is a molecule that you can easily order in France via our website.

What Does Clenbuterol Work?

Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic drug, it is not an anabolic steroid, that is to say it will act on the sympathetic nervous system. It will more particularly act on the beta 2 adrenergic receptors, it will strongly stimulate them, which will first induce an increase in respiratory capacity. but the most interesting effect remains its ability to increase the metabolism inducing thermogenesis which will provide a loss of fat mass in the subject. This happens more particularly at the level of the mitochondria of a cell: the beta 2 receptors thus stimulated will in turn stimulate the production and release of heat via the mitochondria. An increase in metabolism and body temperature will follow, allowing the user to burn more fat. Some studies have also shown an anabolic effect of this drug but only in rats and it is further known from the experience of many users that it does not provide any muscle gain in humans. Clenbuterol remains widely used mainly for its bronchodilator effect and for its ability to accelerate fat loss, especially since it is available at very low prices, this has only amplified the number of people wishing to try it. You can easily buy cheap clenbuterol on many websites, however be careful about the authenticity of the product.

Dosage For One Cycle

Clenbuterol dosages will vary depending on the individual's goal: typically this ranges between 20mcg and 140mcg. Whatever the goal, it is necessary to start with 20 or 40 mcg on the 1st day, so as not to suffer too much from the side effects which can be quite annoying on a daily basis. This medicine should be taken cyclically, in general it should not exceed two weeks of continuous use, the receptors being saturated, there will be no more effect.To overcome this problem, an antihistamine such as ketotifen is used at the rate of 1mg per day. During the cycle, start the dose at 40mcg and gradually increase in 20mcg increments every 2-3 days depending on side effects. Hand tremor is a good sign, usually it will decrease over the days, then you can increase the dose. For an increase in endurance, the dosage will be between 20 and 40, beyond that there will be no more impact on muscular endurance but only on strength. There are several methods: use over 2 continuous weeks, then 2 weeks off, or 2 days on and 2 days off non-stop, or with ketotifen continuously. Clenbuterol can of course be combined with anabolic steroids and a thyroid hormone like T3 with which it is particularly effective in losing fat mass. The intake should preferably be done before 4 p.m., one intake in the morning and one at the beginning of the afternoon will be ideal, in order to be able to fall asleep at night. Know, before buying this molecule, that clenbuterol is not suitable for muscle gain, it will have no effect on hypertrophy.

Clen And T3 Cycle: Before And After

Clenbuterol is often used in stack with T3 cynomel which is particularly effective for losing fat mass (be careful, because it can also attack the muscles, the use of a minimum of testosterone or an anabolic will be necessary to preserve the muscle). Cynomel is very aggressive in high doses, so it is advisable to start at 25mcg and increase every 3-5 days by 25mcg without exceeding 100mcg. Similarly, to stop the cycle, you will need to gradually decrease the dosage so as not to “shock the body” too much.The clen/T3 stack has been particularly used by bodybuilding practitioners with sometimes exceptional results, nevertheless the combination of these two molecules remains harmful for the body, care must be taken not to abuse the dosages and consult a doctor at least problem. The thyroid is a hormone which, when out of balance, can be fatal (you don't want to be sentenced for life to supplementing with T3 and/or T4 every day), again I would reserve the use of the stack clenbuterol/T3 only to competitors.


You still have to be careful before buying clenbuterol, which can be very dangerous when the dosage is too high. Among the side effects, you may notice, 1 to 2 hours after swallowing the tablet, a start of tremor in the hands and feet especially, but also an acceleration of the heart rate and an increase in body temperature. An effect also specific to clenbuterol is the appearance of cramps in areas of your body where they usually never occur, high hydration and taurine supplementation can sometimes alleviate this problem or the use of anti-inflammatory supplements. cramp sold in pharmacies. Headaches and insomnia are also possible and specifically, if taken at the end of the afternoon, it could prevent you from sleeping, hence the interest of dividing the dose between the morning and the beginning of the day after. -midday. Studies in animals have shown that clenbuterol damages the heart and can cause cardiac necrosis, it can also cause hypertrophy of the ventricles, again this has been observed in humans and at higher doses, but as a precaution, we will avoid to use this product many times a year. In addition, limiting its cycles to 8-10 weeks will be ideal, in order to minimize the risks.All the effects mentioned above are not to be taken lightly, there is a certain risk in the use of this molecule, hence the importance of being vigilant and not giving in to the price which may prove cheap at first sight.

Order Clenbuterol Online For Bodybuilding

The manufacture of clenbuterol has been greatly democratized in the world: we have seen the appearance of many clandestine laboratories producing it, the major risk being that the equipment necessary for the production of this product remains quite expensive (the dosages being in micrograms, machines able to manufacture such dosages are beyond the reach of clandestine laboratories), the majority of tablets are therefore overdosed. For a 20mcg tablet you will probably have a higher dose than advertised, which explains the differences that can be seen between the different clenbuterols. Buying this molecule online is quite simple, to buy clenbuterol in France, you just have to place an order and send payment via one of the four payment methods available. We will then prepare your package and ship it directly from a country located in the European Union, in order to avoid any customs formalities. You will usually receive your package within a week and if it never arrives (usually after two weeks), we will resend another package at our expense. The same case will be applied if a vial arrives broken (subject to proof on your part). We are the leaders of the French market and the only ones to offer such a large catalog of pharmaceutical products intended for bodybuilding and sports in general.


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