HGH Fragment 176-191 (5MG)


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1x Vial 5mg…
Physical State: Lyophilized Powder
Molecular Formula: C78H125N23O23S2
Purity: 98.14%
Source: Chemical Synthesis

Peptide Fragment 176 191

As its name suggests, fragment 176,191 is a fragment of growth hormone, specifically the one responsible for lipolysis. Peptides are recently developed molecules that have attracted the curiosity of many athletes, in particular thanks to their effects on performance and recovery, without having a side effect profile as harmful as anabolic steroids. In addition, they have the advantage of being undetectable by doping controls, which makes them a major asset for competitors who now all want to buy hgh fragment 176-191. Growth hormone is the best tolerated and one of the most surprising molecules in the human body: although it improves recovery, healing and anabolism, it also increases lipolysis and accelerates metabolism. , it is mainly fragment 176-191 that is responsible for this. Thus, it is a rather effective alternative for people using only growth hormone for cutting purposes. The use of this peptide is therefore much more profitable and less expensive. One of its advantages is that unlike hgh, 176-191 does not affect insulin sensitivity. It is important to know that this peptide remains one of the most fragile existing on the market, it is therefore necessary to be very meticulous during the reconstitution For the conservation of the latter, take care to add the water delicately and avoid shaking too hard the vial.

HGH Fragment 176-191 For Muscle Growth

hgh fragment 176-191 is a stable analog of growth hormone releasing factor.This results in several beneficial effects linked to this peptide, making it possible to significantly reduce abdominal fat, it also increases the levels of igf 1, one of the most anabolic hormones in the human body, present in the vast majority of cells in the human body. It therefore allows some muscle growth, although this effect is less pronounced than with synthetic somatropin, it is nonetheless effective. Its primary use obviously remains that which is made for the purpose of reducing fat mass: it will significantly lower the level of body fat mass and, unlike hgh, it will not affect the activity of insulin. We do not recommend the use of the peptide frag 176-191, if your goal is to increase your muscle mass: other peptides, such as ghrh, will be more effective in this regard because they will stimulate the production of somatropin in your body, which will then induce an increase in igf 1. Although hgh frag 176 191 is a part of growth hormone, it does not provide actual muscle gain, for this reason the vast majority of users favors this peptide during the drying/cutting phases.

Results: Before And After

The evolution of an individual following a cure of hgh fragment 176-191, whether he is a simple practitioner or a competitor, can be quite obvious if of course a strict diet is followed. Associated with other peptides, fragment 176-191 can be particularly effective for the purpose of fat loss. Add to that anabolic steroids and you have a potent blend capable of rapidly lowering your body fat, while preserving your muscle and greatly improving your recovery and healing ability. The effectiveness of hgh 176-191 will only be maximum when coupled with anabolic steroids.Thus, thanks to this peptide, you can expect very good results, if your lifestyle and your diet are adapted.

Where to Inject HGH Fragment 176-191?

Like the majority of peptides, with the exception of some, hgh frag 176 -191 must be administered by injection: you will therefore need to inject it preferably subcutaneously. It is sold in the form of vials containing a freeze-dried powder of 5mg of hgh fragment 176-191, it must be reconstituted using bacteriostatic water and kept in the fridge for the duration of your cycle. The usual dose varies between 500mcg and 2mg per day. You should know that even in freeze-dried form, that is to say in powder, frag 176-191 remains a fairly fragile peptide and sensitive to temperature and oxygen, but also to contact and shocks, it is therefore necessary be especially gentle when reconstituting and storing and when adding bacteriostatic water. Gently glide the water over the wall, so as not to damage the peptide and to ensure the best possible results during your cycle.

Legal And Safe HGH Fragment 176-191 For Sale

Peptides are recently developed hormones that are still in the research stage. Nevertheless, anyone can buy them on the internet, moreover, the laws according to the countries are still unclear as to the use and purchase of these substances. Having a low production cost and therefore a very low price, their use has become widely democratized, however some dishonest merchants continue to sell peptides under false names. You will thus be able to find, on certain websites, hgh fragment 176-191 at unbeatable prices, but which unfortunately does not contain this peptide or in very small quantities.With us, no risk, we only sell pharmaceutical grade peptides that will provide you with all the effects associated with the molecule. So you can buy fragment 176-191 at a very good price. To do this, simply place an order on our website and send us your payment via our platform. For your convenience, several means of payment are available, including bitcoins, by far the most advantageous for you and for us, 100% anonymous, instant and secure payment and free of charge (the commission that bitcoins bill you will be borne by us) , so you only have to send us the exact amount of your order. For the regulars of course, you can make a western union or money gram money transfer, however the costs may be higher or lower. Finally, you can also make a bank transfer, but again, depending on your bank, the fees may be high, just as the maximum sending limit may be quite low. Once the funds have been received by our team, your package will be immediately packed and sent from the European Union. Our parcels are discreet and very well packaged, so that they arrive at their destination without the slightest problem. It will generally be delivered to you within a week, and in the event that your package does not arrive at its destination (after a maximum of 2-3 weeks of waiting) or even that it arrives at your home and a part of your products is broken, we undertake, subject to proof on your part, to reship your package at our expense. We are the only French merchants to offer such a system. We are the leaders throughout France and we offer the largest catalog of existing pharmaceutical products throughout the territory. E-mail support is available to answer all your questions 7 days a week.Fragment 176-191 is sold in the form of vials containing a powder (freeze-dried) of 5mg of this peptide.


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