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HGH Genotropin 12mg Pfizer 36U.I.

The growth hormone genotropin is surely the most surprising hormone of the human body and possessing the most beneficial effects on the organism. This hormone responsible for growth in humans has many effects on the body: it plays a major role in the growth of different tissues, but also in the regulation of lean mass and fat mass. It was first used in 1958 and at that time was only available as a pituitary extract from human cadavers. In 1985 its use was banned by the United States, in particular because there have been many cases due to intoxication of this form, some treated patients have developed a degenerative disease. It was only during the development of the recombinant DNA technique that we saw the appearance of synthetic growth hormone without major risk for patients. It is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland composed of a chain of 191 amino acids (192 for hgh of Chinese origin). It plays a role in muscle growth and in many organs, it is also one of the hormones best tolerated by man. Genotropin has the ability to reduce cholesterol, increase tissue regeneration, establish the connection between different muscles, it participates in anabolism via the increase in igf 1, but also in hair regrowth and will have an opposite effect to that of aging on the cells. Hgh Genotropin 12mg is a growth hormone developed by recombinant DNA by the Pfizer company. It is one of the most effective growth hormones available on the market.You should know that growth hormone remains one of the most expensive hormones, because the production is quite complicated, the cost is greatly increased.

How to use Genotropin?

Depending on your goal, the use of genotropin 36ui can be done in several ways, as it can combine with several hormones. In bodybuilders, when the goal is to gain muscle mass and lose fat mass, gh is combined with thyroid hormone T3/T4, but also anabolics and insulin. This stack is surely the most effective stack that exists today in the world of bodybuilding. Nevertheless, it turns out to be extremely dangerous: the use of insulin is very complicated and you have to be extremely careful, one mistake can lead to coma, paralysis or in the worst case, death. For this reason, many people prefer to avoid the use of insulin. Injectable genotropin, combined with thyroid hormones and anabolic steroids, already provides very good results. The most effective use obviously remains that made with anabolics, although there is no study on it (given the complexity of the implementation). There is a certain synergy of hgh genotropin 12mg with anabolic steroids, as most users report: gh potentiates the effects of anabolic steroids, so you can lower the dose of the latter, while keeping the same anabolic effects, but reducing the side effects.

Genotropin Results In Bodybuilding

Hgh genotropin is of course heavily used in the bodybuilding world. It is particularly effective in people who have already reached their maximum muscular potential with anabolics. Clearly, it remains reserved for high-level bodybuilding, although it can be used by anyone.Given the price, it would be better to use it only when the individual has reached a certain threshold. Combined with minimal anabolic steroids and thyroid hormones, Pfizer's genotropin 36ui will provide incredible long-term results. Growth hormone acts much more slowly than anabolic steroids, but it is on the other hand much more effective and almost without side effects. For cycles of 4-6 months minimum, it is not uncommon to observe a significant loss of fat mass, hair regrowth, better skin quality, better muscle definition, rounder and bigger muscles, lasting muscle mass gain, better energy and libido and many other effects. It is possible, in certain cases where the dosages are used in excess, beyond 10ui for example, to observe an increase in the size of certain organs: the jaw, the hands and the feet, these are specific symptoms. to acromegaly, hence the protruding belly that can be seen in some bodybuilders, but again the cause of this is not clearly identified, it could be that insulin plays a more important role than injectable genotropin via visceral fat augmentation.

HGH Genotropin Dosage

Pfizer's genotropin can be used by anyone: for a person seeking only the anti-aging effect, that is to say to fight against aging, a dosage of 1-2ui per day is more than enough , likewise, to only target fat loss 2-3 iu will be sufficient. The dosage is to be divided into once or twice during the day, the most important intake should be done on waking and the second in the middle of the afternoon or late afternoon. Some use it before sleeping, but according to some theories it suppresses the natural production of growth hormones that takes place a few hours after waking up.This production is the strongest of the day in a human being, hence the interest of preserving it, however, some people use it before sleeping and have had no problem to date. Finally, the most common use in bodybuilding is related to its possible hyperplasia effect on the muscle. This remains to be proven, but many people have noticed muscle gain and better muscle quality after long cycles of genotropin, meaning cycles of 4-6 months minimum. Via the increase in igf 1, hgh can cause significant muscle growth: to reach this level of anabolism, the dose used should be at least 5 iu, the ideal would be between 6 and 8 ui, this will nevertheless have an extremely high cost. You should know that each pen contains 12mg of hgh genotropin.

Best Place To Buy Genotropin HGH Online

The more effective a pharmaceutical product is, the greater the demand will be. This hgh is no exception to the rule and we have therefore necessarily seen the birth of many copies of it, sometimes under-dosed or sometimes even 100% "fake". Outside pharmacies, it therefore becomes difficult to purchase the original Pfizer genotropin. The vast majority of merchants only offer a fake reproduction making you believe it is an original. If you are looking for the original version, you can find it with us and you will have no doubts about it, you just have to look at the many reviews on the internet to understand that we only sell pharmaceutical products and the hormone of pharmacy growth. Of course, the price remains high because it is pure Pfizer growth hormones. To get it you just have to place an order and make the payment. Your package will be shipped and delivered to you within a week.Of course, in case of loss of the parcel by the postal services, it will be sent to you (under proof on your part) immediately.


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