Hilma Biocare Bacteriostatic Water 10ml



Description of bacteriostatic water

Bacteriostatic water (containing 0.9% benzyl alcohol) is intended for the reconstitution of injectable preparations: medicinal solutions, hormonal products, peptides and growth hormone.

The interest being a better and longer preservation of the preparations, without risk of contamination of the product by germs thanks to the presence of alcohol. It is used with a sterile needle.

By using this product, the user can keep his reconstituted preparations for up to 28 days from the day of reconstitution, thus allowing him to save money, since he will no longer throw away his opened vials and that these will be kept in completely safe.

Buying the bacteriostatic water online can sometimes be difficult for the users, due to the scarcity of the product and the increasing demand. This water for injection can also be purchased on our site in the form of a 10 ml vial.

When and how to use bacteriostatic water?

Sterile bacteriostatic water is used to reconstitute pharmaceutical preparations for injection intramuscularly, subcutaneously, or intravenously. Bacteriostatic Water for Injection is intended for parenteral use only with products requiring dilution prior to administration. Once the 10 ml bottle has been started, it is recommended to use it within 4 weeks (28 days).

You can safely buy bacteriostatic water for injection on our site, a site recognized for the high quality of its products.


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