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Anadrol 50 is the mass builder par excellence, it surely comes in 2nd position just after dianabol in terms of popularity. It is a derivative of DHT which was developed in the 1960s to fight against anemia and diseases leading to severe weight loss (gastrointestinal diseases) and also to treat certain patients with HIV (to help them keep minimal lean body mass) and osteoporosis. It is not uncommon during an oxymetholone cycle to obtain a mass gain of more than 10kg, it produces spectacular strength and mass gains in a very short period of time (4 to 6kg in two weeks), obviously, significant water retention will be present. If you want to buy anadrol 50 online, still take some time to think about what your goals are, it's not a steroid for just anyone, it undergoes 17 alpha alkylation so it can pass by the liver without being degraded and therefore it is potentially toxic for the latter. It is an extremely powerful anabolic which can make you aggressive, cause night sweats and insomnia, moreover, it may interfere with the metabolism of estrogens, although it has no estrogenic activity, it must therefore be keep an aromatase inhibitor handy. Also called anapolon, it combines very well with molecules such as testosterone or trenbolone. It strongly increases the production of igf 1 with trenbolone, the synergy of the two is an extremely effective cycle. In terms of speed and amount of muscle gains, surely there is no steroid to date that equals anadrol except dianabol.On the other hand, part of the gains will not necessarily be lasting, which is why it is used at the start of the cycle where long esters are used in order to prepare the body for the oils that will come later. The purchase of oxymetholone online has been greatly democratized over the years, this is how we offer it to you in a tablet format each containing 50mg of oxymetholone.

How To Take Anadrol?

Oxymetholone 50 is sold in oral form at a very favorable price. If you order it online, you should know that under no circumstances should it be used alone, it is totally useless and dangerous. Instead, pair it with minimal testosterone. Also, no beginner should take anadrol, only minimally experienced users should use it. A cycle of anadrol 50 combined with testosterone enanthate or sustanon with trenbolone or nandrolone decanoate is very effective, nevertheless, the use of anadrol should not exceed 4-6 weeks, beyond beyond the benefits it provides are very low compared to the risks to your health. Its main function is to be a kickstarter, i.e. in cycles where long esters, such as testosterone enanthate or trenbolone enanthate and deca are used. Anadrol is used in order to have a rapid effect from the 1st week, the time that the other esters are felt (3-4 weeks on average), so it is a great help, because it “prepares the ground sort of, before the oils behind take over. It is generally used at dosages varying between 50 and 150mg per day, some exceed this dose, but there is no point, it would only amplify the side effects. If this is your first use, start with 50mg per day to test your tolerance and if all is well, increase the dose to 100mg from the 2nd week.For people a little sensitive to side effects, replace trenbolone with milder nandrolone decanoate for side effects. Due to the significant water retention caused by anadrol, it is only used very rarely in cutting cycles, however, if the diet is controlled, that is to say low in sodium, and that the use of an anti-estrogen is made, water retention can easily be diverted, so rare users have been able to use it dry with, for the most part, good results.

User Reviews

The purchase of anadrol across the world has risen sharply since the 90s. Its reputation has only risen, although opinions differ about the side effects, the majority of comments are unanimous about the spectacular intake of mass that this steroid provides. Among the side effects, some users will notice a sharp drop in appetite, nausea, even vomiting in extreme cases, while conversely some people experience an increase in appetite, and a feeling of well-being. be (although on this side, the majority feel bad under anadrol and prefer dianabol which, on its part, provides a real feeling of well-being). The majority of these effects can be partly explained by the dosage of the product: a high dosage can easily induce an appetite suppressant effect (often linked to a diseased liver with rising transaminase values) and nausea, whereas a light dosage will produce the opposite effect. As for the level of strength gains, I do not know anyone who has been disappointed, the significant water retention caused by anadrol 50 mg will give you spectacular strength and very quickly (it is not uncommon to see an increase in your bench press from 20 to 30kg in 3-4 weeksa), this characteristic makes it one of the steroids most purchased by practitioners of strength sports (powerlifter, strongman).

Benefits And Side Effects

To go into more detail, oxymetholone can cause a multitude of side effects that will vary depending on the dosage and especially your genetics (tolerance). Among them are nausea, headaches, insomnia, night sweats, acne and oily skin, accelerated hair loss (being a derivative of DHT and DHT being highly harmful to hair follicles), gynecomastia and diarrhea, as well that a rise in blood pressure is possible. The majority of these side effects are of course controllable, this is just a list of the different effects that have been seen in different people. If you are purchasing anadrol 50, be aware that your health will greatly depend on your diet and lifestyle, anadrol may negatively affect your lipid profile, but a healthy diet rich in essential fatty acids can easily solve this problem. Obviously, the prolonged use of this product (more than 6 weeks) is strongly discouraged, in which case you will run towards much more serious side effects. It is, moreover, highly toxic for your liver, take care to carry out blood tests before, during and after your cycle to avoid any inconvenience. Finally, like any anabolic androgenic steroid, androl induces a strong suppression of the natural production of testosterone, thus it will be necessary, at the end of any cycle, to carry out a revival using serm, such as nolvadex and clomid. The use of hcg at a rate of 2x25ui per week (or even more) can be a plus, in order to avoid putting your testicles to rest for too long and subsequently having difficulty in reviving.

Anavar Vs Anadrol For Strength

With regard to the gain of forces, it is necessary to know first of all that the mechanism of action of anavar is different from oxymetholone: ​​anavar stimulates the synthesis of creatine phosphate in the muscle, while the anadrol increases intramuscular water retention. Oxymetholone will therefore give you a greater strength gain than anavar, however this gain is often associated with significant weight gain which is not ideal when you practice a sport where weight categories are involved. For this purpose, anavar is much more suitable, because it will bring you a good gain in strength, without increasing your weight. Each tablet contains 50 mg of anadrol, moreover, it has the specificity of strongly increasing aggressiveness, unlike oxandrolone.

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