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Exemestane 25mg, better known as aromasine 25mg, is an aromatase inhibitor developed in the 2000s and used to fight breast cancer. Relatively soon after its launch, its ability to effectively lower estrogen levels allowed it to enjoy significant notoriety in the world of bodybuilding. Thus, it has been frequently used by all athletes during their cycle of testosterone or various flavoring anabolic steroids. It effectively fights any problem related to too high an estrogen level such as water retention and gynecomastia. Exemestane is similar to the well-known arimidex and letrozole, except that it differs slightly in function: anastrozole and femara are non-steroidal inhibitors, i.e. they inhibit estrogen synthesis by competition with the aromatase enzyme, while aromasin is an irreversible steroid inhibitor, i.e. it will literally deactivate the aromatase enzyme. It is a product with a slightly more expensive price than the other two but very effective and increasingly used in the world of bodybuilding. You can buy it from our website at a very competitive price.

Exemestane And Weight Gain For Beginners

In some cases of patients with breast cancer and other pathologies, weight gain due to aromasin has been observed. Nevertheless, in a beginner user of anabolics, its main role will be to prevent an excess of conversion into estrogens and thus to avoid excessive water retention and a possible appearance of gynecomastia. It can also be used in recovery in particular, because like arimidex and letrozole, it stimulates lh.For a beginner, it can be particularly advantageous to purchase exemestane, with a simple testosterone cure at 500mg/week, in general, 12.5mg every other day is more than enough (which does not represent a price high in view of the quantity required), the dosage may be adjusted according to the tolerance of the individual and the blood test. For dosages above 1000mg, we can go up to 25mg per day. Be careful, however, because aromasin is a fairly powerful molecule that reduces estrogen levels by nearly 85% from the first dose.

Positive Effects Of Exemestane

First of all, according to some studies, aromasin seems to have a particular effect that only it has: it seems that it can slightly increase the production of igf 1, one of the most anabolic hormones in the human body. During a cycle, this can help optimize anabolism, especially when using anabolics that stimulate IGF 1 (trenbolone, anadrol). It can also help protect existing muscle mass. Finally, the main use of exemestane 25mg obviously remains the control of the level of estrogen and therefore the power to limit water retention, retention which, in excess, can cause an increase in blood pressure. Similarly, too high an estrogen level can induce gynecomastia and libido/erection disorders. In the case of bodybuilders, weight gain can be seen as an advantage. In the case of too high a dosage, muscle pain may appear: it is therefore important to carry out regular blood tests when using aromasine.


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