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Masteron 100, also called drostanolone di propionate, is a steroid developed by Syntex in 1959 at the same time as anadrol, but it was not marketed until 1970. It was first used as a therapeutic agent for combat menopause in women with inoperable breast cancer. Since new, more effective solutions have been discovered, it is no longer used to fight breast cancer. On the other hand, in bodybuilding, it remains an anabolic steroid heavily used in periods of cutting, just before a competition. This molecule is an anabolic steroid derived from dht, it is 5 times more androgenic than testosterone, nevertheless, in order to have good effects on muscle gain, the dose used will have to be quite large. It compares quite well to primobolan and is said to have some anti-estrogenic effect. In the case where low doses of anabolic steroids are used, it may be sufficient on its own to control estrogen levels, but once the increase is large, it will be necessary to make use of an inhibitor of estrogen. aromatase. It can be particularly useful when one does not wish to use large doses of trenbolone because of side effects, it will allow the dosage to be lowered without diminishing the effects. You can of course make the purchase of masteron propionate on our website

Masteron Propionate In Bodybuilding

The use of masteron p has been greatly democratized in the world of bodybuilding and sport in general.It is used by the vast majority, if not 100% of bodybuilding competitors, especially in the last phase before a competition, where the athlete will be in the cutting phase. It will be particularly useful when the fat mass rate is less than 10%. caloric restriction. Masteron can also be used in bulking cycles, although this is not the best option, it will decrease the amount of other injectable steroids, such as trenbolone, to minimize side effects without lose efficiency. It can also very well be used in synergy with dianabol or anadrol. Avoid using it alone or, in this case, the dose used will have to be quite high. Buy drostanolone di propionate and you can benefit from all the effects related to this molecule.

Positive Effects

As seen above, used during a cutting cycle, it can be extremely effective in people with an already low fat mass rate: it provides a hard and striated effect on the muscles. The difference between users of drostanolone di propionate 100 and those who do not use it is quite easily noticed during bodybuilding competitions: the muscle has a prominent, striated and at the same time dense appearance. In the case of mass gain, masteron can provide gains substantially equal to those of masteron, this will require using a fairly large dosage, however, the muscle gains due to masteron propionate 100mg remain fairly average compared to others steroids. However, it remains more effective if added to other steroids such as trenbolone, dianabol and testosterone.This molecule is also known to provide significant strength gains, especially during periods of caloric restriction where the lack of strength is strongly felt. It can be a great help in these phases, hence the interest of buying it if you are preparing for a competition.

Masteron Propionate Dosage

Masteron in the form of the propionate ester has a half-life of about two days, so it should preferably be injected every other day at least. The dose used varies according to the objective: if you really only want to take drostanolone di propionate 100 alone, then the dosage should be high, around 500-800mg per week, in the event that it is combined with other other anabolic steroids and where the aim is to have a synergistic and/or additive effect, a dosage between 300 and 600mg per week is more than sufficient. Masteron cycles are usually 6-10 weeks long with the average being 6-8 weeks, which is usually the last phase of a cutting period in bodybuilding competitors. If you buy this product, be careful to respect the dosage.

Buy Masteron P 100 In France

Masteron is an anabolic steroid which, due to its effect, has become widely available in recent years, but not only in bodybuilding, it is found in many sports such as combat sports or strength sports. Following this gain in popularity, the demand exploded and the production of masteron propionate 100 increased. It is now quite easy to obtain this molecule (which nevertheless remains produced at a low concentration dose) via websites. Nevertheless, many merchants only sell underdosed or even fake products. With us, we only sell top quality pharmaceutical products with supporting analysis.You can of course order masteron on our website, for that you just have to place an order on our web platform, then send us your payment via one of the four available means. The most advantageous remains the use of bitcoins, fast, secure and anonymous, moreover, it will not cost you any fees since the commission charged by the bitcoins site is borne by us. Of course, for the most accustomed, you can choose to go through the western union or money gram money transfer, note that in this case, it will be necessary to go to an agency, the online transfer does not work systematically . Finally, you can always choose to make a bank transfer, but again, you may be charged significant fees depending on your bank, and the time to receive your funds can vary by several days. Once your funds have been received, we will prepare and ship your package directly from the European Union, it will be sent to you within approximately one week. In the rare cases where the package does not arrive at its destination or that part of the package is damaged, we undertake to send it back to you at our expense (subject to proof on your part of course). We provide you with not only the largest catalog of pharmaceutical products and anabolic steroids on the French market, but also the most efficient logistics and customer service existing on the French market. A 7/7 e-mail support is available for you, in order to answer any of your questions within 24 hours.


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