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Primobolan is an anabolic steroid developed in the 1960s. Subsequently, the German company Bayer had the rights to produce the molecule and this is how we saw the appearance of primobolan depot (injectable) and the version oral. It is a fairly popular anabolic steroid in the world of bodybuilding, thanks in particular to Arnold who kind of publicized it, saying that it was one of his favorite molecules and that he used it quite frequently. Where the primobolan 100 makes the difference on the other anabolics, it is on its side effects: it is surely the mildest of the existing anabolic steroids, whether for men or for women. It was used in therapeutic treatment to treat various muscular diseases and sometimes for osteoporosis. It is a molecule that remains quite expensive, however, you can easily buy it in France through websites. Naturally, we offer to purchase methenolone for sale on our website, at a concentration of 100mg/ml per 10ml vial. You can also buy steroids.

Primobolan For Bulking

At the performance level and especially in bodybuilding, primobolan is not in itself an extremely powerful molecule. You should know that the injectable version is much more effective than the oral version, however, even in the form of injections, this product requires a fairly large dosage to have good effects, a minimum of 500-600mg per week will be necessary. .Where its use can be interesting, it will be in people looking for quality muscle gain (mass gain) without excessive weight gain. It can also be effective when combined with other molecules like sustanon and dianabol. It has a certain synergistic effect which will make it possible to slightly reduce the dose of the associated molecules, without diminishing the effects and above all without causing any side effects. The only drawback of primobolan remains its price which is quite high compared to other products, such as the price of dianabol which is very low. You will of course be able to buy sustanon and all these steroids on our website.

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Primobolan depot, like a large majority of anabolic steroids, is available for purchase on our site at a very competitive price. We offer the largest catalog of pharmaceutical products on the French market, our molecules are certified of superior quality with supporting analysis. If you want to buy primobolan 100mg, just add it to your shopping cart and place an order. Following this, all you have to do is proceed to payment via one of the four payment methods available. Once the funds have been received by our team, your package will be carefully packed and shipped directly from the European Union. Your primobolan 100 will be sent to you within a week in general, in the event that your primobolan package does not arrive at its destination, we will take care of its reshipment.


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