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How to Use Proviron?

Proviron 25mg is one of the oldest anabolic steroids. Produced by the large Bayer Schering laboratory, it made its first appearance in the 1930s. The effects of this anabolic steroid were often misunderstood: in terms of muscle gain or performance, it brings almost no effect. It is a derivative of dht which has the particularity of strongly binding to shbg, a hormone which binds to testosterone and which prevents it from being used fully by the body, therefore proviron will allow to more of that testosterone being utilized, that's one of the main benefits. This product was often used during cycles of anabolic steroids, at dosages between 50 and 150mg per day throughout your cycle. It can boost libido and erections in some cases, but proviron also has a slight anti-estrogen effect. We offer pharmaceutical grade proviron at unbeatable prices. If you don't know why to use proviron, just read the rest of the article which will tell you about the positive effects of it.

Positive Effects Of Proviron

Proviron has several positive effects: first, as explained earlier, it has the ability to greatly lower shbg. You should know that, in the body, testosterone circulates in two forms: bound and unbound. Unbound, so-called free, testosterone is what we use. It represents 2-4% of total testosterone. The rest circulates attached to shbg (35-40%) and another part is bound to albumin (this being only weakly bound to albumin can be detached for use).Nevertheless, the testosterone attached to the shbg cannot be used, thus it deprives the body of a large part of testosterone, therefore, certain products can lower the shbg, such as proviron which comes to bind to the shbh and thus release more testosterone. With winstrol, it is surely the most powerful steroid in this regard. Finally, proviron 25 mg has an anti-estrogen effect: it will block the aromatase enzyme, however it remains less effective than an aromatase inhibitor. Likewise, it can in some cases improve libido and erections.

Proviron Results In Bodybuilding

Proviron was widely used in the world of bodybuilding in the 80s and 90s, especially because it made it possible to easily control the level of estrogen at a time when aromatase inhibitors were not yet available on the market. Likewise, it boosts libido and prevents accumulating too much water retention in an anabolic steroid cycle (effects depend on dosage). It is used much less today given the new generation of anti-estrogen. Proviron has become somewhat obsolete, however many athletes continue to use it out of habit or because they react well to this molecule. You can of course get proviron on our website at unbeatable prices.


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