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How To Use Sustanon 500?

Sustanon is the trade name of the most famous testosterone blend in existence. The original product, called sustanon 250, was developed by the Organon company to treat people on testosterone replacement therapy. The original version contains 4 esters: 2 fast (propionate phenylpropionate) and two others slow (isocaproate and decanoate). What we offer you is first of all a unique sustanon 500, only available in France, it is a version containing 500mg/ml of testosterone. A fifth ester has been added, it is the enanthate ester, which surely makes this mixture the most anabolic existing, among all the testosterone mixtures. In addition, the advantage of such a dosage lies in the fact that the quantity of oil to be injected will be much less important and therefore the potential risk of having an abscess or an infection or any pain due to too large a quantity. of oil will be halved. This product is manufactured by the Mr Pharma laboratory, but there is also sustanon from Valkyrie. We offer the majority of the molecules produced by these laboratories for purchase. We only sell pharmaceutical quality products with laboratory analyzes in support.

Sustanon Cycles

Sustanon 500mg is a blend that can fit all your goals. It can be used as a base in all your anabolic steroid cycles, it combines very well with all other molecules.One of the best-known cycles remains the famous susta-deca-diana: these 3 molecules taken in synergy allow a gain in muscle mass and strength at an incredible speed, it is not uncommon to have an increase in order of 10-15 kg within 2-3 months. Muscle strength will be increased tenfold and recovery greatly improved. Similarly, sustanon combines very well with trenbolone: ​​together, they allow a significant gain of quality muscles, without any fat gain. In addition, it can be used during the drying phases (although short esters are more suitable in this case). Anadrol, masteron, anavar and other molecules can all be taken synergistically with sustanon 500mg. The cycles, on the other hand, generally last between 8 and 12 weeks, in competitors and other bodybuilders, it can go up to 16 weeks, however this presents certain risks. Ephedrine online can also be used with sustanon, as can clenbuterol, they are all available on our site.

Sustanon Dosage For Beginners

For the beginner, just as is the case with testosterone, the dosage of sustanon will need to be modified slightly depending on the individual's weight/height and experience (number of years of training), however, and in general, a dose of 500mg/week of sustanon seems to be ideal for a beginner, in order to have very good results, while minimizing the side effects as much as possible. The cycle will not need to extend beyond 10 weeks: with such a cure, the beginner can expect a solid muscle gain of the order of 6-8 kg of muscle retained, if however a strict diet and rigorous workouts are followed. Sustanon 500 is an excellent molecule, as is testosterone enanthate. For any newbie looking to get into anabolics, they are both available for purchase on our website.

Sustanon Side Effects

Like the majority of anabolics and even drugs in general, taking a substance in supra-physiological doses can cause the appearance of side effects. For sustanon, due to its estrogenic activity, part of the injected testosterone can be converted into estrogen via an enzyme called aromatase. Because of this, high estrogen levels will result in water retention, as well as a risk of developing gynecomastia, however, this can easily be controlled by using an aromatase inhibitor. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to carry out blood tests, in order to adjust the dose of your anti-estrogen, because too high a dosage can induce too low estrogen levels and thus cause the appearance of new side effects (such as joint pain, libido/erection problems, fatigue, etc.). Sustanon can also negatively impact your lipid profile: your good cholesterol (HDL) will decrease, while the bad (LDL) will increase. In the long term, this can cause certain cardiovascular diseases, in order to limit the damage, it is necessary to limit first of all the duration of your cycles of sustanon, but also to take the time to take breaks between each of your cycles. . In addition, a diet rich in essential fatty acids will be essential. Finally, testosterone is of course suppressive of natural production, so care must be taken to perform a relaunch at the end of each cycle. Note that acne, oily skin and accelerated hair loss (if you are predestined for it) are the side effects that are observed most often, but which remain without consequence. However, it remains a product that brings very good results.

Purchase Sustanon 500 A In France

Sustanon is surely one of the most accessible molecules.In fact, it is quite easy to buy it. To do this, you just need to go through an online merchant site like ours: we remain the only ones in France to offer you sustanon 500 by injection, in addition, all our products are certified pharmaceutical quality with laboratory analyzes at the support and at unbeatable prices. To buy sustanon in France, you just need to add it to your basket and confirm your order. You will then be offered to choose one of the four payment methods available: payment by bitcoins is undoubtedly the most advantageous: instant transaction, free of charge and 100% anonymous. For the regulars, you can of course opt for the western union/money gram money transfer or the bank transfer, but be aware that in the last two options, more or less high fees may be charged to you, in addition, the delay receipt of funds can vary from one to several days. Once the payment has been confirmed by our team, your package will be immediately dispatched in a discreet package, from the European Union, so that it will be delivered to you within a week without any problem. In cases where your package does not arrive at its destination, we will pay for its reshipment.


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