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10Ml Sterile Empty Vial

Buy Sterile Vial (10ml) Online

A sterile vial is simply a vial containing no bacteria or any substance, it is ready to use, that is to say that you can inject any molecule inside, without running the risk of to be contaminated. It is a tool that is very rarely sold by anabolic steroid sites, but is still used by the vast majority of individuals nonetheless. The purchase of sterile vials in France is possible via our website, which also offers many anabolic steroids, this sterile vial sold has a capacity of 10ml. Our website offers the best anabolic steroids in France, whether testosterone mixes or steroid mixes: we have the largest catalog of pharmaceutical products in France.

What Is A Sterile Vial And How Do I Use It?

Our sterile vial is empty with a capacity of 10ml: it is a disinfected vial, which is somehow devoid of the risk of proliferation of micro-organisms and therefore, whatever product you inject inside, it cannot not be contaminated. It is particularly used in the world of bodybuilding and in particular by users of anabolic steroids. Most often, we decide to buy it in order to inject gonadotropin, you should know that hcg is sold in the form of a powder to be reconstituted. The cycles of steroids being quite long and the preparations of hcg in general sold in powder of 500ui, it is necessary to be able to preserve it several weeks, therefore, the use of bacteriostatic water is necessary, in order to preserve the hcg. The problem being that neither hcg nor bacteriostatic water are sold with vials, hence the use of a sterile 10ml vial.Once the gonadotropin is reconstituted, all you have to do is inject it into the sterile vial and add as much water as you want inside. Of course, this vial can also be used to mix steroids.

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Buying a 10ml sterile vial in France remains somewhat difficult. Although it is a simple sterile vial, no French pharmacy offers it, just like the various anabolic steroid sites where pharmaceutical products are only very rare for sale. Fortunately, you have the possibility to buy some from us, we also offer the largest catalog of anabolic steroids and testosterone mixtures on the French market. To obtain your sterile vial, simply add the product to your order and validate the latter. Once this step has been completed, you will be offered four means of payment, including bitcoins, which is by far the most advantageous: free of charge, anonymous, secure and payment by instant credit card. The transfer of money remains available for the most accustomed (western union / money gram) and of course the bank transfer, nevertheless, in these two cases, the reception of the funds can take several days, in particular for the transfer. Once your payment has been received by us, your package will be carefully packed and shipped from the European Union, so that it reaches your home within approximately one week. Any package that does not arrive at its destination, or that arrives broken, will be reshipped at our expense. An e-mail support remains at your disposal 7 days a week to answer all your questions.


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