T3 Abdi Ibrahim 25mcg (100Tabs)



T3 cytomel Abdi ibrahim 25mcg (100Tabs)

What are Tiromel T3 tablets and how do I use them?

Tiromel T3 is a thyroid hormone that comes in the form of tablets and is administered orally. It is made synthetically but is very close to T3, also called triiodothyronine which is secreted by the thyroid. Originally, the 25 mg T3 tablets are drugs that are used to treat people with hypothyroidism and thus compensate for the too low production of hormones by their thyroid gland.

In the bodybuilding community, Tiromel T3 is also used for weight loss. Indeed, the athletes realized that this product made it possible to increase the phenomenon of lipolysis, in other words to burn fat, and lose weight without doing any diet and without having to deplore the loss of their mass. muscular. Some bodybuilders have therefore become accustomed to taking it during lean mass gain phases, often in combination with other products. Taken in stack with Dianabol, or Anadrol, it is incredibly effective in the context of lean mass gain. It combines best with Winstrol, testosterone, or Primobolan in the dry phase. As for bodybuilders who want to lose weight, they should take it in combination with Clenbuterol.

Tiromel cycle T3

The dosage depends essentially on the use that one wishes to make of it and on the experience of the athlete, but in all cases, the product is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. If your goal is to lose some fat, you can buy Tiromel T3 and take 12.5mcg, half a 25mg tablet, or a whole tablet each day.On the other hand, if you want to lose a lot of fat and take advantage of the catabolic effect of the hormone, you must increase the daily dose to 50 or even 75 mcg, which is the equivalent of two to three tablets of Tiromel T3 25 mg per Abdi Ibrahim: With such a dosage, T3 must be combined with the use of an anabolic. In any case, it is better to avoid exceeding 100 mcg per day: beyond this limit, the anabolic power of the thyroid hormone is transformed into a real catalyst and it is necessary to increase the quantity of anabolic steroids even more for prevent muscle loss. Knowing that the taking of the product lasts from 8 to 12 weeks, it is better to buy it in large quantities, in order to obtain the Tiromel T3 at a reasonable price.

T3 Pills Side Effects

The first of the side effects of Tiromel T3 to be wary of is the decrease in muscle mass. Indeed, if the product is administered at a high dose and the athlete does not take a course of steroids at the same time or takes an insufficient dose, the T3 risks attacking the muscles.
The other possible adverse effects during a cure of T3 are essentially headaches, palpitations, sweating, even fever. But as a rule, these phenomena occur when the bodybuilder does not take anabolics in parallel, or in the event of an overdose. During the first stages of treatment, the user may experience severe fatigue, nausea or even tachycardia. It is vital in this case to immediately lower the dose administered because too much T3 can lead to serious heart problems.
It is also possible to notice a dysfunction of the thyroid after too long use of the product: this is why it is recommended to limit the duration of the cycles and to mark real breaks before taking Tiromel again.
In general, it is advisable when taking Tiromel pills to regularly check the functioning of his thyroid by carrying out blood tests.

Buy Tiromel T3 at an affordable price

The purchase of Tiromel T3 on the Internet must be carried out with the utmost caution: indeed, many tablets are counterfeit and do not contain the usual dosage. You may find yourself taking Tiromel in an amount you are unaware of and the product will not have the desired effect. By ordering on our site, you are guaranteed to buy pharmaceutical quality and precisely dosed T3 tablets of 25 mg. Our products are manufactured in an approved laboratory respecting the standards of the profession, which is regularly checked by the authorities. In addition, in addition to being assured of receiving a superior quality product, you benefit from a very competitive price and very favorable purchasing conditions. Once your payment has been made, you will receive your order within one to two weeks depending on your delivery zone. And if your products are lost or broken in transit, we'll ship them back to you free of charge.


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