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T3 Cytomel 25MCG From Uni Pharma

The t3 cytomel, called liothyronine, is the synthetic form triiodothyronine, more commonly called T3. It is used to treat patients with hypothyroidism: it is a thyroid hormone that accelerates basal metabolism, as well as protein synthesis (in small doses) and increases the body's sensitivity to catecholamines such as dopamine, adrenaline, etc The production of T3 in the body will depend on the production of T4 by the thyroid gland. Where the t3 cytomel (produced by uni-pharma) is especially interesting is on fat loss. It is found everywhere on the net, mostly in cutting cycles, and often associated with clenbuterol. The clenbu/triiodothyronine combo is surely, with dianabol, one of the best known cycles. Thyroid hormones are anabolic only when a small dosage is administered, but once a high dosage is administered they become highly catabolic. You should know that most of the triiodothyronine in our body comes from a conversion of T4 into the latter by the liver. The more we will produce triiodothyronine, the more we will burn calories, moreover, this hormone is essential, because it indirectly increases the production of igf 1 by increasing the number of hgh receptors on the liver.

How To Use Cytomel T3 In Bodybuilding

You should know one important thing about T3 cytomel in bodybuilding, it is most often, if not 100% of the time, used in cutting cycles due to its powerful ability to increase lipolysis.Using triiodothyronine to lose fat can be very effective but also very dangerous for your muscle, which is why the vast majority of users of this product associate it with the use of anabolic steroids, so as to protect the muscle of cytomel t3-induced catabolism. The higher the dosage of cytomel, the more you will need to raise the dose of steroids to compensate for the catabolic effect of liothyronine. This hormone reaches almost all the cells and all the tissues of the human body, it will mobilize both fat and muscle, so avoid using it without a supplement to preserve muscle. Only anabolic steroids are a safe source for preventing muscle loss. Some also use it during mass gain cycles: in small doses, it can increase protein synthesis and at a higher dosage, during mass gain, it can allow (if the dosages are well calculated and that there is a sufficient quantity of anabolic steroids), muscle gain, while minimizing fat gain. Uni Pharma's triiodothyronine is a version directly produced by a pharmaceutical laboratory, beware of the t3 manufactured by "underground" laboratories, because the dosages are often not those indicated on the box, where the dosage of this product is must be very precise.

T3 Cytomel Muscle Building During Cycle

The t3 cytomel is sold in the form of tablets dosed at 25mcg. If you have never used this molecule before, you should first know that your body naturally produces the equivalent of 25mcg, a good dosage to start would therefore be 50mcg then, depending on your reaction and your tolerance, increase dosage in 25mcg increments.It is often useless to exceed 100mcg, 75mcg would be the ideal dose, beyond 100 it will be necessary to increase the doses of anabolic steroids, in order to preserve the muscle from catabolism. In terms of deadlines, it is important to know that there are 2 scenarios: the first being the case of the person simply wishing to lose their fat mass slowly and regularly, in this case such a low dosage that 12.5mcg and sometimes 25mcg will be more than enough. At these dosages, there will be almost no impact on the suppression of natural thyroid production. In the 2nd case, it will be a question of a subject wishing to have a much greater increase in the loss of fat mass: the dosages will be those mentioned above, that is to say 50-75mcg per day, at these dosages, it is generally advisable to limit the duration to 8-12 weeks, although the thyroid after a suppression returns fairly quickly to normal. The scientific data do not yet make it possible to establish an ideal duration beyond which the deletion becomes potentially permanent. Triiodothyronine t3 should therefore be taken with caution and keeping the dosage the same throughout the cycle. We often see people using a pyramid method of dosage with t3 cytomel, no need to worry, stay at the same dosage you have set, it will work without major concern.

Negative effects

Among the side effects of t3 cytomel, let us first mention that, during the first weeks, fatigue may appear, high doses of tachycardia may appear, as well as irregular heartbeats (nothing serious on this point , there is no need to worry), also nausea and migraine in some cases, very high dosages of t3 cytomel 25mcg can be very dangerous for the heart.Of course, muscle catabolism is highly likely if you don't proceed with the use of anabolic steroids in addition, just as muscle weakness can occur. If some of the side effects mentioned persist, you will simply have to lower the dosage until they disappear. An important thing to remember is that when buying t3 cytomel online, be careful, as oftentimes clandestine labs make triiodothyronine with unsophisticated machinery, thus the dosages are not accurate and the dose indicated on the box does not correspond to the actual dose of the tablet. So prefer the purchase of pharmaceutical triiodothyronine like the one we offer.

Where Can You Buy T3 Cytomel For Cheap?

Thyroid hormones are usually available from pharmacies under medical prescription for people with hypothyroidism. Of course, you can buy it from us: we offer t3 cytomel manufactured by Uni pharma, a Greek laboratory with sophisticated production equipment, allowing the precise dosage of many drugs. You will therefore be sure to have cytomel at a corresponding dosage. to that indicated on the box. We only sell pharmaceutical quality products certified by laboratory analyses, we are the number 1 resellers in France and we have the largest catalog of anabolic steroids in France. Once your order has been placed and as soon as your payment is received, we will ship your package directly from the European Union. It will be delivered to your home within one week excluding problems related to postal services (strikes, bad weather), and if your package does not arrive at its destination, or if it is lost or arrives at your home broken. , we undertake to send another one at our expense.An email support remains at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to answer any of your questions. To facilitate your task and for your comfort, we offer different means of payment: you can choose to pay by bitcoins (credit card payment, fast, secure, anonymous and free of charge) or by money transfer western union or money gram or then simply by bank transfer. T3 cytomel, due to its low production cost, remains available at a very advantageous price.


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