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NPP Steroid Or Durabolin 100

Durabolin 100 is made up of 100mg of nandrolone phenypropionate. It is therefore, like deca, a derivative of nandrolone. Originally manufactured by Organon, it was later overtaken by nandrolone decanoate which was very successful. Commonly referred to as npp, it is a steroid which, due to its recent availability in the market, does not enjoy as much popularity as its counterpart, nandrolone decanoate. Its effects are therefore comparable to the latter, with the exception of its duration of action which is much faster. Likewise, its side effects are significantly lower and it will give you as much quality muscle gain as deca, without having the downsides of the latter. Thus, it is not uncommon to see npp used in drying/cutting cycles, due to its very short half-life. Like deca, it has the specificity of increasing the synthesis of collagen via its progestin effect and therefore protecting your joints/tendons. It will therefore be a plus in any of your cycles, which will give you good quality muscle gains, without increasing the side effects. Nandrolones have a reputation for being great steroids when it comes to building muscle and npp is no exception. Being a 19 nor-testosterone, it will tend like deca and trenbolone to give you recovery issues if you don't use hcg during your cycle. So remember, during an npp cycle, to always have some. So whether you are intermediate, advanced or even a bodybuilder, npp will suit everyone, it is considered “high end” deca.

Durabolin 100 Effects

Durabolin 100, like nandrolone decanoate, has some side effects, but they are less in the latter. In terms of positive effects, nandrolone phenypropionate will give you quality muscle gains, without water retention, it is also not uncommon to observe a gain in strength and muscular endurance during of an npp cycle. The increase in collagen synthesis will also be of great help to you at the joint and tendon levels. Additionally, npp possesses a slightly greater anabolic effect than testosterone, while having much lower androgenic and estrogenic activity. In addition, just like testosterone, it will cause an increase in protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, but also the production of igf 1 (but also reduction in cortisol, increase in red blood cells, etc.), this which makes it a compound of choice for a steroid cycle, whether bulking or cutting, although it is more suited to a cutting phase. Just like the majority of injectable steroids, durabolin 100 has no liver toxicity. A cousin of deca, it shares with it the effect of increasing prolactin and therefore the possibility of seeing libido/erection problems appear (deca-dick), so it will be important to control your prolactin throughout your cycle. You should never neglect the recovery: nandrolones have the annoying tendency to cause problems during the recovery, if you do not follow the protocols methodically and you do not have an adapted lifestyle, the majority of your muscle gains will disappear after the cycle, depression and fat gain will set in. So be sure to keep some seriousness during your durabolin cycles.The effect on cholesterol (HDL decrease and LDL increase) is present, as in any anabolic steroid, but nevertheless remains controllable, the important thing being above all to respect the duration of cycles and rest phases.

Durabolin 100 Cycle

Depending on your level, nandrolone phenypropionate can be administered at a dosage ranging from approximately 100-700mg per week. Just like its cousin nandrolone decanoate, a testosterone base should be added to a nandrolone cycle, but unlike decanoate, injections should be done at least every 3 days, ideally every day. two, that's why we prefer this substance for dry cycles. An example of a cutting cycle based on nandrolone phenylpropionate 100 would consist of: 500-1000mg of testosterone propionate, 400-700mg of npp, 50-100mg of winstrol each day (not exhaustive list, npp can be associated very well with long esters, such as testosterone enanthate, primobolan enanthate or masteron e). npp, being a derivative of nandrolone, is therefore a 19 nor-testosterone and therefore attention should be paid to its natural production suppression rate, thus, the addition of hcg around 500iu 2 times a week is imperative . The duration of an npp cycle should be between 8 and 12 weeks, in order to be able to revive your hpta axis without great difficulty (if an effective recovery protocol is followed of course). Add to this cabergoline at a dosage of 0.5 to 1mg per week (dosage to be adjusted according to the blood test), in order to effectively control prolactin and avoid any stimulus problems.Depending on the length of your cycle, it will be necessary, if you want to stay in good health, to take a break at least equal to the length of your cycle and this, after the recovery, thus, if you have done a cycle of 12 week nandrolone phenylpropionate, you will need to take 12 weeks off after the restart before you can consider a new cycle. Few people meet this deadline given the difficulty of maintaining the muscle gains acquired for 3 months. Some therefore prefer the "blast and cruise" method, which consists of administering a light dose of testosterone of the order of 100-300mg per week between 2 cycles (slightly higher than the natural production of a human being), in order to to preserve the muscle mass acquired and to maintain a suitable level of testosterone. This will rest your body i.e. liver and kidneys and lower your cholesterol etc but it has the downside of preventing your hpta axis from reigniting as you continue to supply it with a intake of exogenous testosterone, which can disrupt it in the long run. It is therefore up to you to judge the framework to follow according to your objectives. The "blast and cruise" is often reserved for competitors, that is to say that in their case, the "game is worth the candle": they take the risk of disrupting their hpta axis and finding themselves in trt for life , because there is a reward at stake (often a pro card). This risk is obviously not to be taken if you simply want to optimize your muscle mass gain.

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