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100mg/ml Drostanolone Propionate


Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron) Prices

When looking to minimize the side effects of a steroid cycle as much as possible, Maseron Propionate 100 is found to be a very solid choice. It has no estrogenic activity (there is no conversion into estrogen), nor any conversion into DHT and does not cause any liver toxicity, it even has the advantage of having a slight anti-estrogenic effect. Since the propionate-based ester is short-lived, it is often found in cutting cycles, it also seems to have the particularity, in case your fat level is already low, of having a hardening effect on the muscles. Obviously, it provides muscle gain like any anabolic steroid and promotes fat loss. Wrongly considered a weak steroid, due to low dosages it is now available in solutions containing 100mg drostanolone propionate, larger dosages can be administered. It is a very mild steroid which alone does not provide an incredible effect but adds very well to other steroids, such as dianabol and testosterone or trenbolone, it potentiates the effect of these. . Originally developed in low concentrations, the price of drostanolone propionate was quite high, but today it is accessible at very good rates. Maseron is a compound of the famous mix found in most major steroid producers, a mix of testosteron propionate, masteron and trenbolone, which has a reputation for being very effective. It should therefore be at the top of your list of steroids to use if you are in the cutting phase. It nevertheless remains a fairly versatile molecule.

Masteron Propionate In Detail

Masteron is a steroid derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone), also known as drostanolone di propionate. It was originally developed to fight breast cancer, then having discovered more effective drugs, the company slowly stopped production. It nevertheless remains available in the world of bodybuilding and sport in general, where it enjoys an important reputation (many combat sports athletes use it, Anderson Silva, for example, tested positive for mastéron). Maseron propionate is a molecule, because of its low half-life and its ability to harden the muscle, which is found mainly in cutting cycles, it can nevertheless be used in cycles of weight gain, while potentiating the effect of other steroids used. It should therefore be injected every other day at least, the ideal being every day. Being a derivative of DHT, if you are prone to hair loss, be careful with the mastéron, it can greatly accentuate it, even in certain cases where you are not predisposed. An increase in aggressiveness may also be observed during a masteron cycle. If you suffer from cholesterol, it should be avoided in your case, because it exerts a negative effect on the latter by reducing your good cholesterol (HDL) and increasing the bad (LDL), which can have repercussions on the long on your heart and be the cause of cardiovascular diseases in particular. The effect on cholesterol is to be taken with a grain of salt, because the modification of cholesterol induced by masteron is completely controllable if you have a healthy lifestyle and take blood tests regularly.It will induce a suppression of natural testosterone production like any anabolic steroid, so it will be necessary to perform post cycle therapy at the end of each course of masteron propionate, even if the latter is taken alone. Not being as suppressive as nandrolone or trenbolone, it shouldn't cause any major issues with recovery.

Positive Effects Of Masteron

Among the effects of drostanolone propionate is its slight anti-estrogenic ability, i.e. in a cycle where low doses of testosterone are used, you may not find the use of adding an aromatase inhibitor, if the use of masteron propionate is made, of course, it exerts only a slight effect, at large anabolic doses or with strongly estrogenic compounds, such as dianabol , it will not be of much help to you. It is nevertheless slightly less anabolic than testosterone and therefore more suitable during your cutting phases, it will allow you to maintain your muscle mass, or even develop it (if other molecules are added), while lowering your body fat rate. . The hardening effect on your muscle only appears if you have a fairly low body fat percentage, which is why it is a product heavily used among competitive bodybuilders. Difficult to obtain in the past, the purchase of mastéron is now easy. Additionally, water retention and gynecomastia, problematic for many, are non-existent with drostanolone propionate. It will be a suitable choice for everyone, both beginners and more experienced users. Many evolutions of different athletes are available on the net, the majority who have used it in cutting cycles are very satisfied with it and recommend its use.


During a masteron cycle, depending on whether you choose to use it alone (although I do not recommend this) or coupled with other steroids, the dose administered will vary. Used alone, the correct dosage, ie so as to have considerable muscle gains, should be between 500 and 800mg per week, in order to have a significant effect, coupled with other steroids with which it is used. adds very well, such as trenbolone or dianabol, I will see a dosage between 400 and 1000mg depending on the level. Using drostanolone di propionate 100 alone is not a good thing, due to its ability to lower estrogen, you may end up with a level below the norm and therefore target multitudes of effects harmful secondary. Always add a small dose of testosterone or dianabol if you choose to do a masteron cycle anyway. It nevertheless remains an anabolic steroid, derived from DHT, so it is advisable to make a recovery based on nolvadex and clomid after any cycle of masteron. A very good masteron cycle that can be found all over the net is as follows: testosterone propionate at 50-100mg each day coupled with masteron propionate 400-800mg per week and trenbolone acetate at 50-100mg each day, add to that of hcg 500ui 2 times a week due to the presence of trenbolone. This cycle, if a suitable diet is followed, will significantly decrease your body fat rate and in some cases slightly increase your muscle mass.

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