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50mg/ml Oxymetholone


Oxymetholone Injection 50mg – Oxyject 50

Oxymetholone, also called anapolon or anadrol, is a very powerful anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone, developed for patients suffering from anemia and diseases causing weight loss. Injectable Oxymetholone is extremely effective when it comes to increasing muscle mass. It is, along with dianabol, one of the preferred choices of anabolic users. It is not uncommon to observe a gain of 4 to 6 kg in just 2 weeks: oxyject will give you a massive appearance and significant water retention which will lead, through the lubrication of the joints, to a huge gain in muscle strength. Anadrol is often used at the beginning of the cycle as a kickstart, that is to say, it will provide you, from the start of your cycle, with rapid gains in strength and mass in just a few days. It is a steroid often used by strongman and strength athletes. The oral version has the disadvantage of being 17 alpha alkylated and therefore potentially toxic to the liver to some extent. Oxyject contains 50mg of oxymetholone and is therefore sold in injectable form, which will reduce the toxicity of the latter (be careful, however, the injectable form is still toxic to the liver). It will strongly increase your production of red blood cells and therefore your muscular endurance and in some cases stimulate the appetite. The injectable version, in addition to being much less toxic than the oral version, has the advantage of acting faster and more effectively in the body. Clearly, the only downside will be your reluctance to the needle.

Anadrol 50 Before And After Results

Anadrol 50 is reputed to cause dramatic changes in your body in a very short period of time: it is not uncommon to observe a gain of 10 to 15kg at the end of a cycle based on anadrol combined with a testosterone. A huge gain in strength will be quickly observed, hence the need to control the loads and not to mount the loads too quickly, at the risk of injuring yourself, your muscles will grow at an incredible speed, your strength potential will have a very strong increased, but your tendons and ligaments probably haven't had time to get used to it. It is therefore advisable to limit the loads handled, even if you have the strength to do so. A cycle of oxymetholone has certain side effects among which, depression, lethargy, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, fever, loss of appetite (in some cases, we will note an increase in appetite, the only existing track to explain this would be the dosage: too high a dosage tends to greatly reduce appetite, conversely, a low dosage would increase it, obviously these are only assumptions). All this remains controllable and you will surely not be confronted with all these side effects during your cycle, this is just a list of the different effects seen on different people. Oxyject 50 does not possess any estrogenic or progestogenic activity, nevertheless, in some cases it may interfere in estrogen metabolism, the reasons are still unclear. You must therefore take care to keep an aromatase inhibitor on hand during your cycles.

Oxymetholone 50 Dosage For Bodybuilders

Injectable Oxymetholone is widely used in the bodybuilding community, often favored over dianabol or even combined with it. Obviously suitable for mass gain, very few have used it dry, it pairs very well with trenbolone, testosterone, anavar and nandrolone.The synergy with trenbolone is extremely effective, together they strongly stimulate the production of igf-1. A cycle based on trenbolone, testosterone enanthate or sustanon and anapolon is surely one of the most powerful cycles for gaining muscle mass. Each vial contains 50mg of oxymetholone. During a cycle the dosages vary between 50 and 150mg per day, we sometimes see athletes using dosages higher than 150mg, it does not bring anything more than 150mg, except additional side effects. For a 1st use, start with 50mg per day taken 1-2h before training (with a half-life of 8-9h, the ideal would be to take it 2 times per day, but a single dose before training does not will not cause a noticeable difference) and if the side effects are tolerable, you can increase the dose to 100mg in the following weeks. A cycle of anadrol 50 should not exceed 6 weeks, beyond that the steroid has no great effect and the damage to the liver begins to be felt. If it is a 1st use, coupling the anapolon with testosterone is sufficient, the addition of trenbolone should only be done if you are an experienced user. Instead, if you want to add a 3rd molecule, opt for nandrolone or boldenone. The injectable form has the disadvantage of having to inject every day.

Oxyject Cycle Length

The anadrol we offer is in an injectable form (each vial contains 50mg of oxymetholone), so the toxicity is less compared to the oral form. The duration of the cycles may be slightly longer, where we recommend between 4 and 6 weeks maximum for the oral form, for oxyject a cycle may extend between 5 and 8 weeks maximum, again the side effects may be controllable. The liver toxicity of the oral form is slightly exaggerated, therefore for injectable anadrol it is even less harmful.The length of your cycle will greatly affect your health. For the majority of anabolic steroids, the effects during a cure are superficial, the real danger is at the level of the organs, such as the liver, the kidneys, the heart, if the cycles are prolonged too long, damage to the liver can be caused . Over the years we have seen patients suffering from jaundice, drug-induced hepatitis, but also more or less clogged arteries due to cholesterol and kidneys that were no longer working. Obviously, this is rare and has only been seen in people who have been using anabolic steroids for several years at high doses. The liver is an incredibly fast regenerating organ so as long as you give it a break you shouldn't have any major concerns (using desmodium EPS can be a great help for the latter).

Side Effects Of Anadrol In Bodybuilding

Among the side effects of oxymetholone are first of all a possible acceleration of hair loss (anadrol is a derivative of DHT, DHT being very harmful to hair follicles) which can be limited through the use of finasteride, but also diarrhoea, sleep disturbances (if this is really bothersome and you cannot sleep, get a prescription for sleeping pills), a sometimes rising and sometimes falling libido, erection problems, Appearance of more or less severe acne, controllable using cream delivered by your dermatologist. Anadrol, like any anabolic steroid, suppresses natural testosterone production, so testicular shrinkage is often seen. The use of hcg at a dose of 250 iu twice a week (see 500 iu twice a week depending on the dose and the products coupled with anapolon) should alleviate this problem.Subsequently, at the end of any cycle, it will therefore be necessary to carry out a relaunch, in order to help the body to relaunch the natural production of testosterone. The use of selective estrogen receptor modulators such as nolvadex and clomid will therefore be essential in order to properly revive. Oxyject may also interfere with estrogen levels, so keep an aromatase inhibitor on hand like arimidex or letrozole). In addition, it will negatively affect your lipid profile, so it will be necessary to watch your diet and consume a good amount of essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9), or even supplement with red yeast rice or others, in order to lower cholesterol. As long as your cycle does not extend over too long a period, the majority of these side effects will not affect your body. It is more important after any cycle to rest your body for the duration of your cycle and after the recovery is over, prolonging the use of anabolic steroids is dangerous. Before ordering anadrol, take care to establish a strict and adapted diet, as well as a perfect lifestyle (alcohol and cigarettes prohibited), in addition, remember to carry out blood tests regularly, the minimum being before, during and after the cycle. Transient hypertension is also observable and usually does not last.

Where To Buy Oxymetholone 50 Online With Credit Card?

Buying anadrol online today is very simple, the effectiveness of oxymetholone 50mg in fact, along with dianabol, one of the best selling steroids in the world. We therefore offer you one, in injectable form, a very rare version, in general, when you want to buy it, you only find it in the form of tablets to be swallowed.We are the only ones on the French market to offer a liquid version of oxymetholone and one of the few in Europe. Our products are of unequaled purity. Once the order has been placed with us, we will carefully and discreetly pack your package, then it will be shipped to you from the European Union and will arrive at your place in less than a week, a tracking link will of course be given to you in order to follow the path of your package. We guarantee a customs clearance rate of almost 100%. If your package arrives broken or a product is missing or even the postal services have lost or misplaced it, we undertake to send you another one directly. We are at your entire disposal to answer any of your questions by email and within a maximum of 24 hours. You can pay both by bank transfer and by credit card using the bitcoins system (totally anonymous and free of charge, the costs resulting from the bitcoin payment will be borne by us).


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