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Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) Online In Australia

Methenolone enanthate was developed in the 1960s and used to treat children suffering from severe weight loss and in some cases osteoporosis, or malnutrition, but its main use was for the treatment of muscular pathologies. It is one of the rare anabolics also existing in oral form attached to an acetate ester. Its trade name primobolan 100 corresponds to the injectable version. Like masteron, it is a derivative of DHT. It has been one of the most used steroids by Arnold, especially because it provides quality gains, without having a bad side effect profile.

Primobolan was very little available at the time of its manufacture, but today, in its enanthate form, it is easily obtainable. Only its acetate form is much harder to find. Nevertheless, it remains with anavar one of the most expensive steroids. If you are a beginner, it will surely be the steroid to use, if you want to minimize side effects while optimizing your muscle mass gain. Due to the lack of liver toxicity of the oral form (related to the fact that it is not 17 alpha alkylated), it is the number one choice to make if you are new to the world of anabolics and have the ways to get it.

Primobolan For Bodybuilding

Methenolone enanthate is a good choice for a beginner or for someone who wants to increase their muscle mass sustainably and suffer as few side effects as possible.Primobolan, like masteron, is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), so it will cause an increase in protein synthesis and will have a slight effect of increasing red blood cell production (which will help increase muscular endurance), in addition, it will significantly increase nitrogen retention. One of the surprising effects, however, is the ability of primobolan to boost your immune system, which can be a plus when your goal is to stay healthy while having a slight boost for muscle gain, it will be perfect for this type of Goals. In addition, it binds strongly to androgen receptors, the latter being responsible for lipolysis. This makes primobolan an ideal cutting steroid. It has no estrogenic activity, but having androgenic activity results in the same side effects as testosterone, including accelerated hair loss, appearance of acne and oily skin, as well as hair growth. hair all over the body. High level bodybuilders in France do not prefer to buy it, the reason being due to its cost, they will prefer the use of trenbolone or mastéron (which will provide as much or even more gains than primobolan), although the latter are more harmful in terms of side effects. Primobolan, on the other hand, will be more suitable for bodybuilding practitioners or beginner or intermediate level athletes.

Primobolan Results: Before And After

In terms of positive effects, it provides, like testosterone, a feeling of well-being, quality muscle gain that lasts over time, a drop in body fat (depending on your diet).In many cases, which you can consult on the web, the results of a course of methenolone enanthate have been good or even very good, users are satisfied with it as long as a substantial dosage is administered.

The only drawback of primobolan is its price, which unfortunately remains high compared to other anabolics. Primobolan will not give you huge mass gains like dianabol, anadrol or deca, on the other hand the little gains it will give you will be of quality and will therefore be easily preserved over time. It had a reputation as a weak steroid given the low concentrations, so the injected doses weren't substantial and so neither were the gains. At a substantial dose, however, it remains a fairly powerful steroid.

Primobolan Cycle For Beginners

Methenolone enanthate, if you have the means, is a product of choice for a beginner for a 1st cure, first of all because it exists in oral form which has the advantage of not being 17 alpha alkylated, this will allow you so not only to avoid injections, if you are reluctant to this idea and in addition to having no fear as to liver toxicity, nevertheless it will be necessary because it is not 17 alpha alkylated, it is necessary administering a fairly high dosage to see convincing results, because the liver toxicity being very low, this also has the disadvantage that it also has a low impact on the body. As for the injectable form, it will give you good gains for a 1st cure and those without major inconvenience. For the injectable form composed of 100mg of primobolan, a dosage of 500-600mg is sufficient in oral form, you can slightly increase the dose. Note that like all anabolic steroids, it suppresses your hpta axis and therefore, it will be necessary to re-roll at the end of your primobolan cycle.A basic recovery over 3 weeks based on nolvadex and clomid is sufficient (respectively at a dosage of 20mg/day of nolvadex and 50mg/day of clomid for a period of 3 weeks for example). You can obviously add the use of hcg (hcg mimics a hormone called LH which will directly give the order to your testicles to produce testosterone, so you will maintain light testicular activity thanks to hcg, they do not will not be completely at rest and will therefore be able to more easily resume their testosterone production work after the cycle) during the cure at the rate of 2×25 ui per week, this will only be all the more beneficial to you and will not desensitize your Leydig cells , as we can hear everywhere on the net, we can not find any study that proves this elsewhere. Due to the enanthate ester, a course of methenolone enanthate lasts approximately 12 weeks. Note that before any cure of anabolic steroids, it is imperative to do a complete blood test in order to know where you are and what are your reference blood values, moreover another blood test is to be done during your cycle and after your cycle, in order to avoid any problem.

Primobolan Side Effects On The Heart

One of the undesirable effects of primobolan remains its unfortunate tendency to reduce the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and to increase the level of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Certainly testosterone also causes this increase there, but primobolan will affect your lipid profile more than testosterone or trenbolone, nevertheless it will affect it less than oral products.Due to the modification of the lipid profile by methenolone, it is therefore necessary to avoid making cycles that are too long, because a level of bad cholesterol that is too high will accumulate in the walls of the arteries and can therefore clog them in the long term, this will greatly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes. However, a suitable diet based on good lipids (omega 3,6,9 as well as adequate food supplements, such as red yeast rice and others), can keep your cholesterol within the norm. In some studies on rats, researchers have been able to observe, following the intake of primobolan, an enlargement of the heart, in particular an enlargement of the left ventricle, this only concerns rats and therefore there is no proof yet of its effect on humans. The side effects of primobolan remain, apart from that, quite mild. Obviously being an anabolic steroid, it is suppressive of endogenous testosterone production and therefore if a proper boost is not made, a hormonal crash can be seen which will lead to side effects, such as muscle loss and increased muscle mass. body fat, decreased libido and muscle strength, loss of erection, depression and anxiety, decreased energy and motivation.

Where to Buy Primobolan Online at Ease?

Buying primobolan in the form of an injection was difficult a few years ago due to its low availability in the market, following the growing demand, it was gradually seen appearing in the online steroid market. To buy primobolan in France, you can choose to go through us, we are number 1 in France for the sale of anabolic steroids.We offer a very wide choice of different molecules, so the primobolan that we sell, like the rest, is of pharmaceutical quality (laboratory analyzes made by us are available for consultation), we do not sell under-dosed or impure products. Your package will be carefully packed and shipped and will benefit from fast shipping: we guarantee delivery to you after payment in less than a week (excluding postal service problems). Lost or broken package? another one is sent directly. A support service is available to answer your questions in less than 24 hours.


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