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100mg/ml Trenbolone Enanthate
100mg/ml Trenbolone Acetate



Trenbolone Enanthate & Acetate 200 Mix

Trenbolone acetate enanthate is a mix offering you 2 different esters, the acetate ester, as well as trenbolone enanthate in a mix containing 200mg/ml of substance. It is the strongest and most effective anabolic existing on the steroid market. It provides very rapid muscle gain due to greatly increased protein synthesis and greatly increased nitrogen retention, and all this without the presence of water retention, and while having the ability to considerably reduce the rate of fat mass. It will reduce glucocorticoids (these have an impact on protein and carbohydrate metabolism) by binding to their receptors (hormones responsible for stress and catabolism such as cortisol) and will have a strong stimulating impact on the nervous system, which will cause a rapid and significant gain in strength, but also it will increase the production of red blood cells and therefore increased muscular endurance. It also has side effects similar in part to those of testosterone (among others, oily skin, acne, hypertension, etc.). It is a steroid used by athletes from different sports, so we find followers of this molecule both in bodybuilding and in strength sports, such as athletic strength or weightlifting, but also sports of fighting like mma, thai boxing, without forgetting team sports like rugby, american football or baseball. Its reputation is well established: its ability to increase performance makes it one of the most popular steroids on the market.Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete looking for a gain in strength, explosiveness, speed or a bodybuilder looking for muscle gain and / or fat loss, the tren enanthate acetate mix will meet all your goals incredibly quickly.

Main Differences Between Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate

The only difference between trenbolone acetate and enanthate is the ester attached to it. Trenbolone enanthate has a much longer duration of action, which provides the advantage of having fewer injections to make (approximately 5 days half-life), trenbolone acetate, it has a half-life. life of only one or two days, so the injections must be done at least 1 day out of 2, or even every day. In addition, since the duration of action of the acetate version is shorter, the side effects will appear faster, but they will disappear just as quickly, while with the enanthate they will persist longer. Some people claim to react better to this or that ester, that depending on one they have side effects and the other not, it is a mistake to think that: if some have different side effects, it does not It's not really linked to the ester itself, but rather to the dose of product injected. Any steroid taken in supra-physiological doses sees the appearance of side effects. Enanthate ester contains a lower active concentration than acetate (68mg per 100mg for enanthate and 83mg per 100mh for acetate). However, it is certain that people may feel less well one ester, compared to the other, once again it is quite difficult to explain and it depends on many factors (frequency of injection, quantity of product injected, etc). This mix therefore has the advantage of mixing the 2 esters, so you can get the best out of each.

Tren Ace And Tren E Cycle

A cycle of trenbolone acetate is generally comprised at a dosage between 200 and 600mg per week, trenbolone enanthate is rather between 400 and 800mg, so the trenbolone mix, containing 200mg of substance (100mg enanthate and 100mg acetate), should be administered in the form of injections at a dosage of between 350 and 700 mg approximately. During a cycle, it will obviously be necessary to add a testosterone base, so as not to end up with an estrogen level that is too low. Added to this, you can very well couple dianabol or anapolon associated with boldenone. An example of a cycle with very good gains would be: testosterone enanthate 500-1000mg per week, tren acetate/enanthate 600mg/week and anapolon 100mg/day. You can then, if you have an advanced level, add boldenone up to 700-1000mg per week. It is a cycle that will allow you to easily gain more than 10kg of muscle mass if a suitable diet is followed. Of course, we will add the use of hcg up to 500ui, 2 times a week, as well as an aromatase inhibitor if a large dose of a compound that aromatizes is added (dianabol and testosterone). Any cycle based on this molecule in the acetate/enanthate version will have to end with a revival, given the high rate of suppression of the natural axis. A recovery of at least 4 weeks based on nolvadex, at 40mg on the first day and clomid at 300mg on the 1st day, is recommended for cycles based on 19 nor testosterone.

Tren Ace Mixing: Tips For Beginners

If you are a beginner (and I must be precise, beginner in trenbolone and not beginner in steroids), for a 1st use of trenbolone enanthate / acetate 200 mg, it is not necessary to increase the dosage too high: 400-500mg per week are quite sufficient. Couple this with testosterone enanthate or cypionate and you should have some pretty good gains.Be careful not to overdose, the side effects appear quickly with the mix. For a 1st cycle, stop at 10 weeks of use, beyond that, the recovery may be complicated, just as the side effects on your lipid profile may worsen. Due to the presence of enanthate, if compounds with a longer lifespan are not used, the relaunch should take place approximately 2 weeks after the last injection. Finally, during the administration of trenbolone 200, intramuscularly, you may cross a blood vessel, so during your injection part of the product will enter your bloodstream, or even your lymphatic system, this will result in what is called tren cough: this is a rather unpleasant episode lasting 1-3 min depending on the person where you will feel like you are choking, it is nothing serious and it is a simple defense reaction of the organism.

Negative effects

Trenbolone mix 200 obviously has side effects associated with its use. Beyond any supra-physiological dose, you will see the appearance of various more or less controllable side effects, such as: acne, oily skin, insomnia, hypertension, increased aggressiveness, decreased HDL and increased LDL cholesterols (which can cause damage to your heart, if prolonged use is made), but also an acceleration of hair loss if you are predisposed to it. Trenbolone Acetate Enanthate is not a steroid to be taken lightly, it will strongly suppress your natural testosterone production. Nevertheless all these effects are manageable, taking food supplements, a strict and clean diet associated with regular blood tests, as well as a reasonable dosage will avoid you the majority of the effects mentioned above.After any trenbolone cycle, whether enanthate or acetate, a break equivalent to your cycle length will need to be taken (for a 10-12 week cycle, the break should be 10-12 weeks after the restart). During a cycle of this mix, the body is pushed to the limit, the organs such as the kidneys, the liver and the pancreas work a lot, so it is important to let them rest.

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