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Buy Winstrol 50 Online

Winstrol depot is the name of one of the most famous steroids, developed by the Winthrop company in the 60s, stanozolol was widely used to fight against muscle diseases, osteoporosis and anemia. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, winstrol 50 is very effective when it comes to increasing athletic performance without gaining weight: it increases both muscle strength and speed, while minimizing weight gain, making it a steroid heavily used by sprinters and strength and combat sports athletes. It can also be a great help in any of your cycles. In fact, studies have proven that adding winstrol significantly lowers shbg levels, which leaves more free testosterone available to the muscles. It is also renowned for its effectiveness, during cutting cycles, in giving a hard and striated appearance to the muscles, however, it has no specific capacity for lipolysis, contrary to what one may hear. Buying winstrol online shouldn't be a problem for you, this steroid saw its reputation explode, especially when Ben Johnson tested positive for it, its reputation immediately rose and many laboratories began to produce it. It is therefore available all over the world. It is an excellent alternative to anavar (although anavar is much milder in terms of side effects), the latter being excessively expensive, it will provide you with similar effects in strength at a lower price.

How Winstrol Steroid Works?

Stanozolol is a derivative of DHT, testosterone is converted by the enzyme 5 alpha reductase to give dihydrotestosterone, it is the most androgenic hormone in the body, it has many beneficial effects, but also some disadvantages. If you buy stanozolol injection, you should know that it has the particularity of being exactly the same molecule as the oral version, so it is, unlike other injectable steroids, just as toxic. The powder is only mixed with an aqueous or oily solution as in our case. Among the positive effects, first of all, it should be noted that winstrol has an anabolic level of 320 in relation to testosterone (100 for testosterone) and 30 in androgenic level. Obviously, it greatly increases protein synthesis and promotes positive nitrogen balance, which can lead to significant muscle gain if a suitable diet is followed. It will increase the production of red blood cells and therefore more oxygen will be transported and available to the muscles, this will result in a big increase in muscular endurance. Finally, like any steroid, it inhibits the effect of glucocorticoids such as cortisol and therefore promotes anabolism. It will give you a gain in strength but also in speed, muscle power under winstrol can be greatly improved and this, without causing a huge gain in mass as do other steroids, such as dianabol or anadrol. Because of this specificity, it is very appreciated by many athletes. Winstrol is as well suited to dry phases as to mass gain phases. Although often used in cutting phases, there are no studies that prove any affinity for fat loss.Where it gets really interesting is its effect on SHBG: this glycoprotein binds to free testosterone, making it unavailable to the body, it somehow regulates the level of proteins usable by the body and therefore prevents having too much testosterone available. Studies have shown that at a dose as low as 0.2mg/kg/bw, winstrol lowers shbg by almost 50%, which would make more testosterone available to muscle tissue. Moreover, it is known that steroids have a better efficiency when the shbg is low, so its use in small doses can be done in any of your cycles, it will bring you a significant benefit. Like any anabolic, it can cause some side effects related to those of testosterone, however it does not aromatize, so no risk of gynecomastia or water retention. Stanozolol becomes annoying on one point only, it is its effect on the tendons.

How to Inject Winstrol?

If you buy winstrol from us, you will have a product, unlike the various winstrol offered on the net, based on an oily solution, this will greatly reduce pain during injections. Indeed, one of the problems of this steroid is that users often have more or less significant pain during the injection, pain that can persist for several days later. This being due to the fact that the winstrol sold by other laboratories is mixed with an aqueous solution, the addition of an oily solution will greatly reduce the pain of injection, without reducing its effectiveness. In injection, because of its half-life of more than 24 hours, winstrol should preferably be injected every day, in order to keep plasma levels stable. The oily form is moreover at a very advantageous price.

Winstrol Dosage Per Week

Winstrol depot is offered in the form of solutions containing 50mg/ml of stanozolol. For the injectable form the effects on shbg have been observed for doses as low as 400mg/week, this dosage can very well be increased to 700mg per week if you are experienced enough and want a gain in strength and muscles. For a beginner, 400mg/week is more than enough. At this dosage, winstrol will bring you good results, a significant gain in strength and speed, as well as a possible more or less high muscle gain depending on your cure and your diet. The use of winstrol should not be done alone, at least combine it with testosterone. During a cycle, its use should not exceed 6-7 weeks, in order to avoid harmful side effects on your organs. The purchase of injectable winstrol 50 has exploded in recent years, the reason being that it is extremely effective in increasing sports performance.

Winstrol Vs Anavar For Strength

It should still be noted the presence of certain side effects related to the use of winstrol, among them it can greatly accelerate hair loss, or even cause hair loss in some people, it can also greatly worsen the lipid profile by reducing HDL cholesterol and increasing LDL (the use of food supplements promoting good cholesterol, as well as a diet rich in essential fatty acids are strongly recommended during a cure). So if you suffer from cholesterol problems, the use of winstrol is still to be avoided. In addition, it can cause acne and oily skin, however it has no estrogenic activity and therefore problems of gynecomastia and water retention are not to be feared.It can lead to tendon fragility to some extent, this will partly depend on how long you use and how many winstrol cycles you do. Avoid extending your cycles beyond 6-7 weeks. Finally, like any anabolic steroid, stanozolol injection suppresses the natural production of testosterone, testicular shrinkage may therefore be observed, it is therefore advisable to carry out, after any cycle, a revival, or even to add to your cycle the use of hcg at a dosage of 2x25ui per week. A boost made using SERMs such as clomiphene citrate and tamoxifen will be necessary, in order to boost natural production. Finally, winstrol seems to be a good alternative to anavar, especially when the budget does not allow it, given the high cost of anavar: it will give you strength gains similar to the latter and an equally pronounced vascularity. , on the other hand, anavar remains more effective for fat loss and does not cause any tendon fragility. However, given the price, the choice can quickly fall on stanozolol.

How To Get Winstrol Online For Cheap

Since the case of Ben Johnson, the popularity of injectable winstrol has exploded, and so the high demand has led to high production of the latter. Buy winstrol 50 from us and you will have the assurance of having a pharmaceutical quality product certified by laboratory analyses. In addition, our stanozolol mixed with an oily solution will be completely painless unlike those produced by other laboratories based on an aqueous solution. It is available from us at a very competitive price. Place an order and once payment has been made via one of our many payment methods (bitcoins, western union, bank transfer, money gram), it will be shipped to you in a discreet and solid package to avoid any breakage and seizure.The customs clearance rate is almost 100%, we are the only merchants to offer such a fast service: once shipped, you will receive your package within 1 week (excluding postal service problems), moreover, if the package is lost , stolen or broken, we undertake to return it. A team of professionals is at your disposal via our email address to answer any of your questions within 24 hours maximum. We have the largest catalog of anabolic steroids on the French market, our products are used by many professional and amateur athletes from different sports and all of them have been more than satisfied with the quality of our products. With us, the purchase of injectable winstrol will be just a simple formality.


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