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Pen of 72 UNITS (24mg)

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Humatrope is a human growth hormone manufactured by recombinant DNA technology by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. Originally, it was extracted from pituitary cadavers, but following numerous cases of contamination and the appearance of certain neurodegenerative diseases, this method was banned. It was only a few years later that, thanks to recombinant DNA technology, it was possible to obtain synthetic hgh without any risk of contamination. This hormone is surely one of the most surprising and among the best tolerated by the human body. It plays a fundamental role in the majority of physiological processes, both at the level of lipids and proteins, including the kidneys, liver, muscle tissues, skin, etc. Lilly's Humatrope comes in cartridges containing 72ui of somatropin, and is available at a very attractive price. It is a hormone widely used in bodybuilding in conjunction with anabolic steroids with which it works in synergy, but also with insulin and thyroid hormones. In bodybuilding, humatrope 72ui not only significantly improves recovery, but also lipolysis and muscle mass gain: it is quite versatile. Thanks to our website, buying hgh in France will no longer be a problem.

Humatrope Dosage For Beginners

The dosage of the 72ui humatrope from Lilly varies according to the objective and the budget of its user: for a beginner, the ideal would of course be a dosage between 4 and 8ui. In any case, the dosage must start low, in order to observe the tolerance of the individual, one can therefore start at 2ui, then increase by one unit every two weeks for example.The humatrope, below 4-5ui, will not bring the famous muscle hyperplasia, nevertheless, it will improve recovery, quality of sleep and skin and will increase lipolysis. Humatrope is much more effective beyond 5 ui: from these dosages, the igf 1 will gradually increase after a few months, which will lead to the creation of new muscle fibers. Nevertheless, in order to reach this stage, the use must be at least 4 to 6 months, which requires a certain budget. So, when you buy steroids for bodybuilding, you can enjoy their effect even better thanks to hgh.

Advantages of Humatrope Lilly

The advantages of Lilly's 72ui humatrope are obviously numerous: first of all, we can note the significant improvement in recovery, as well as sleep. Humatrope 72ui will also have the effect of considerably improving the quality of the skin, this is surely one of the first effects observed with lipolysis, which can appear after only one month. Humatrope also makes it possible to incredibly accelerate the healing of injuries, whether tendon, joint or muscle: it allows them to heal much faster than usual. Finally, it allows the famous muscle hyperplasia so coveted by bodybuilders: after a few months of use, the level of IGF 1 will have increased significantly. This is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body: it allows the growth of different muscle tissues. Other effects are also possible: improvement/regrowth of hair, feeling of well-being, increased libido, muscle congestion, better appetite, etc.If you buy steroids for bodybuilding, you should know that the hgh used together with anabolics allows to obtain a synergistic effect, in the sense that the anabolic steroids will be much more effective.

Negative Effects For Men

Humatrope can of course cause some side effects, but most of them are fairly mild. In some individuals, Humatrope 72ui will tend to lower thyroid function, especially during the 1st month of use, which can cause severe fatigue and lethargy. The use of T4 at 100mcg per day or T3 at 25mcg (to be adjusted with a blood test) can overcome this problem. Tingling in the fingers, joint pain, as well as pain in the jaw, hands and feet are also possible. Humatrope and all growth hormones in general can cause, only when used in high doses for prolonged periods, enlargement of certain organs. In the event that tumors are present or cancer cells, they may also grow, however, these are exceptional cases, which only happen when the dose used is extremely high and its use is prolonged over years.

Buy Humatrope Without Prescription With Credit Card

Buying humatrope in France remains quite difficult and extremely complicated: the price of growth hormone for bodybuilding is very high, moreover, you should know that the prescription of growth hormones is only reserved for certain types of treatment. In addition, prescriptions are extremely controlled and reserved only for specialists. The purchase of humatrope can therefore be done via merchant sites, but these hormones are highly counterfeit and you are never safe from coming across a "fake" or under-dosed product.The humatrope 72 ui Lilly that we sell is a real growth hormone that comes straight from the pharmaceutical laboratory Eli Lilly: it is surely one of the most powerful hgh existing. To get it, simply add it to your basket and confirm your order. Once this step has been completed, you can then choose one of the four payment methods available, including: bitcoins, western union/money gram money transfer or bank transfer. We highly recommend using bitcoins, as it is anonymous, secure, and free of charge. Once the payment has been received by our team, your package will be immediately packed and shipped from the European Union, so that it will be delivered to you within approximately one week. All packages that do not arrive at their destination (whether they are lost or even part of the package arrives at your home damaged), will of course be reshipped at our expense. If you have any questions, you can send us a request via the contact section: our e-mail support is available 7 days a week to answer any of your questions within 12 hours maximum.


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