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Anavar is a very reputable anabolic steroid, developed by the Pfizer company in 1964 (originally sold in 2.5 or 5mg dosage, we offer anavar in 20mg tabs) with the aim of helping patients to fight against various gastrointestinal diseases, as well as certain cases of osteoporosis. Anavar has the particularity of having no estrogenic activity, so it does not aromatize and therefore no gynecomastia or water retention will be observed during an oxandrolone cycle. Finally, and this is what makes it superior to other steroids, in small doses it suppresses the natural production of testosterone very little, this makes it a steroid very well suited to beginners or people concerned about not alter their natural production. Although it is a 17 alpha alkylated steroid, anavar (again in small doses) has lower liver toxicity than most other oral steroids. Of course, when the doses get high, it's a whole different story. It is also very popular in strength sports where weight categories are involved. It stimulates the synthesis of creatine phosphate in the muscle, which leads to an increase in muscle strength, without increasing body weight. Additionally, it has been shown to be more effective for fat loss than testosterone or nandrolone. Buying anavar online was difficult at one time, it was very expensive and therefore its production was quite low, but today anavar has become easily accessible and you will have no trouble getting it.

How Anavar Used In Bodybuilding

The purchase of Anavar has become highly democratized in bodybuilding, whatever the level: from simple beginners to high-level competitors, it is found everywhere. In competitors, it is used in particular during the phases of dryness, associated with testosterone, it brings a very good effect on the vascularization, the veins will be much more pronounced and the rate of fat mass will be lowered significantly if however a diet dry is followed. It allows, even if it is not important for the bodybuilder, to maintain or even increase muscle strength during the cutting/cutting phase. Oxandrolone is sometimes used in phases of lean mass gain, combined with other steroids such as dianabol or anadrol, testosterone and / or trenbolone, it provides very good results. Anavar 20 nevertheless remains little used in high-level bodybuilding. Its production cost is very high, so users will favor the use of cheap but equally effective steroids such as trenbolone or winstrol. However, it has certain side effects that are important to list: first of all, it is 17 alpha alkylated and therefore potentially toxic to the liver, so you will need to protect your liver depending on the dosage chosen (desmodium Eps is very effective for this), moreover, it is superior to other steroids for modifying cholesterol, so you have to be careful on this point too. If you suffer from cholesterol, ditch anavar. Be sure to maintain a healthy and balanced diet rich in essential fatty acids. It does not aromatize or convert to DHT, so gynecomastia and water retention problems are not possible. Finally, before buying it, keep in mind that when taken in high doses, it partially suppresses the natural production of testosterone.It will therefore be necessary to make a recovery at the end of each cycle. A simple post-cycle therapy based on tamoxifen and clomiphene in small doses is sufficient.

Anavar Dosage For Bodybuilding

Oxandrolone in the world of bodybuilding is used in various dosages, it should nevertheless be known that to best exploit the potential of this product, it is necessary to have a fairly high dosage. Thus, we see the dosages spread between 30 and 150mg approximately. For my part, dosages below 50-60mg are useless, a good dosage will be between 75 and 100mg, beyond 150mg I don't think there is any real additional effect, already only a dosage of 150mg n brings few differences compared to a 100mg dosage. In the event that it is combined with a steroid such as dianabol or anadrol, the dosage may be reduced, 50mg of anavar will be sufficient to have the synergistic effect, taken alone, there is no will have no glaring gains. The duration of the cycle will have to extend over approximately 6 to 8 weeks to take full advantage of the molecule, beyond that it will not be very useful and will only worsen the state of the liver which will already be well stressed afterwards. these 8 weeks. Anavar 20 has a half-life of approximately 8 hours, so two doses per day would be sufficient. So be sure, if you buy anavar 20 or order anavar from us, to follow the protocols.

Anavar Cycle For Beginners

Anavar is certainly a fairly mild steroid in itself, it is the ideal anabolic with turinabol and primobolan tabs for a beginner: very little toxic and very little suppressive in small doses, it will prevent you from more or less serious side effects linked to other anabolics and it can promote fairly rapid muscle gain, as well as a considerable gain in strength.It also makes it possible to reduce the dosage of other steroids taken in synergy with it, for example 50mg of oxandrolone coupled with 50mg of dianabol is more effective than 100mg of dianabol taken alone. For a beginner, we can therefore either use it alone at a dosage of 60-70mg, or, and this is what seems most effective, use it coupled with testosterone in small doses, or if you are really afraid to inject yourself, couple it with a small dose of dianabol or turinabol. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to rigorously control its liver, because the use of two alpha alkylated oral steroids can be very dangerous for the liver. Any beginner can buy anavar in France, its democratization in the past years has allowed its production to explode. It is now available on the net and from us in a tablet format each containing 20mg of anavar.

Buy Real Anavar Online For Cheap

Finding cheap anavar is an almost impossible mission, the cost of production remaining high, the price can only be too. Do not be tempted by cheap anavar, it could be a scam and the molecule will be replaced by a cheaper one, such as dianabol. Buy anavar online through our website and you will be assured of a pharmaceutical quality product manufactured by the rapidly expanding laboratory MR pharma. Sold in the form of tablets containing 20mg of oxandrolone in sachets of 50 tablets. Once the anavar has been ordered and your payment has been received (payment which you can make using different payment methods, such as bitcoins, bank transfer, western union and money gram), we will pack your package and ship it from 'European Union. All our packages cross the border without any risk of customs seizure, the packages are discreet and will be delivered to you within approximately 1 week, excluding weekends and public holidays.Whether your package is lost, stolen or broken, we will resend another one at our expense. We are number 1 in France and we also have email support at your disposal to answer all your questions within 24 hours maximum. We offer on our website the largest catalog of anabolic steroids on the French market.


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