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400mg/ml Boldenone Undecylenate

Boldenone Undecylenate 400: Usage, Effects, and More

Boldenone undecylenate is an anabolic steroid known as Equipoise which was developed in the 1970s. At that time only a veterinary version existed as the human version was developed earlier in the 1950s and then discontinued in the 1970s. 1970s. Since then, boldenone has been available only under veterinary prescription or for sale by clandestine laboratories. He often heard, at one time, that this molecule was very similar to nandrolone decanoate (in terms of effects), however, an important difference between the two remains the progestin nature of deca which is not present in Equipoise . This molecule is a chemical alteration of testosterone: a double bond has been added at carbons 1 and 2, which will greatly reduce androgenic activity, it is finally attached to an undecylenate ester which allows a slow release of the product, in about 3 weeks. It is a very good anabolic, in the sense that it allows quality muscle gain without water retention, however, it can take several weeks to be felt due to its half-life. In addition, it requires large dosages to have the desired effects. Thus, the boldenones usually sold on the market are only sold at concentrations of 250mg/ml. As a result, the quantities of oil to be injected are very large and therefore the risk of post-injection pain increases as well.With us, you have the possibility of buying boldenone at a concentration of 400mg/ml, almost double the usual dosages, thus, this will greatly reduce the quantities to be injected, moreover, it is a quality product. pharmaceutical with supporting laboratory analyses. To buy this molecule, you just need to add the product to your basket and confirm the order, then proceed to payment. At this stage, you will be offered four different means of payment: bitcoins, western union/money gram, bank transfer. Payment by bitcoins and the fastest, secure, anonymous and free of charge. Once this is done, the payment has been received by us, your package will be immediately packaged and shipped from the European Union, so that it is sent to you within a week in general. If the postal services misplace your package or it does not arrive at its destination for any reason, it will of course be reshipped at our expense. We are the leaders of the French market and only offer molecules of pharmaceutical quality. Add to that the largest catalog of anabolic steroids at unbeatable prices.

Positive Effects Of Equipoise

Equipoise is a very good anabolic steroid that is heavily used in the bodybuilding world. First of all, it has a very low estrogenic activity (50% of that of testosterone), therefore it will produce quality muscle mass. Obviously, it also shares the majority of the positive effects linked to testosterone: it will significantly increase protein synthesis, as well as nitrogen retention, in addition, it will reduce the impact of glucocorticoids (stress hormone) and stimulate the IGF production 1.Where it seems to be more effective than other anabolic steroids is in increasing the production of red blood cells: although the majority of molecules share this effect, boldenone undecylenate seems to be much more effective on this point. . The production of red blood cells thus increased will allow much more oxygen to be delivered to the muscles, thus muscular endurance will be greatly increased. Boldenone 400mg will also increase appetite in some individuals (this can vary greatly between individuals), as well as vascularity. It is a steroid that has the advantage of being able to build fairly clean muscle mass, without gaining fat, however, the amount of muscle obtained will not be as large as with other steroids such as dianabol or trenbolone . If you buy this product for bodybuilding, you will of course have a pharmaceutical quality product that will provide you with all the effects mentioned above.

Recommended Dosages

Be aware that there are many controversies about the proper dosage during a boldenone cycle. First of all, you must know if you have in your hands a pharmaceutical (veterinary) product or a product from “underground” laboratories. Since it becomes quite difficult to obtain the veterinary version, the majority of individuals have a version manufactured by clandestine laboratories. In this case, it is important to increase the dosage: Equipoise is a molecule that requires a fairly large dosage in order to benefit from it. For a first use, a minimum dosage of 600-700mg seems to be sufficient, for a slightly more experienced user, 800-1200mg per week will bring very good gains in terms of muscle quality and vascularization, in general, dosages below 500-600mg brings little benefit.Also, given Boldenone 400's long half-life, long cycles will be required. The use of boldenone must be done over a minimum of 12 weeks (in the case where a "frontload" has not been done).

Negative effects

Like any anabolic steroid, boldenone can have some side effects, however it remains one of the best tolerated anabolics in terms of side effects. Having only 50% of the estrogenic activity of testosterone, you should not have any risk of gynecomastia or water retention, as long as your dosage of Equipoise does not exceed 800-1000mg, on the other hand, this molecule having a strong impact on the production of red blood cells, use over long periods can greatly increase the hematocrit level, it is therefore necessary to take blood samples regularly in order to control it. It may also negatively affect the lipid profile by lowering good cholesterol and increasing the bad. All these effects can nevertheless be controlled: for this, it is enough to take breaks and not to prolong your cycles over too long periods. In addition, it is necessary to adopt a diet rich in essential fatty acids and quality foods. Finally, it can cause some suppression of natural testosterone production, so be sure to perform a boost protocol at the end of each cycle using serms like tamoxifen and clomiphene. Boldenone undecylenate 400mg is a pharmaceutical grade product.

How to Inject Correctly

Boldenone 400 has a fairly long half-life, probably 2-3 weeks. Therefore, the injections do not need to be frequent, 2-3 times a week will be more than enough, or even just twice. To take full advantage of the effectiveness of boldenone undecylenate, it will be necessary to perform cycles of at least 10-12 weeks.It must of course be injected intramuscularly. The product we offer is sold in the form of 10ml vials containing 400mg/ml of Equipoise, so depending on the dosage, you will only need to inject between 1 and 3ml per week throughout your cycle (for the majority of individuals , this can increase in bodybuilders), thus, this quantity divided into two injections will make it possible to reach almost all the muscles, without having the risk of having too much oil and therefore possible post-injection pain. The purchase of this product and steroids, in general, can be done through our website as easily as on a regular merchant site.


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