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Testosterone is undoubtedly the most famous and most used molecule in the world of bodybuilding and sport in general. When discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, it was available in free form, it was not attached to any ester. It was not until later that it was first seen attached to a propionate (fast) ester, then finally enanthate (long), the latter being particularly used and appreciated to treat testosterone replacement therapies. The product itself was developed in concentrations of 250mg/ml, which is also the concentration most commonly found today. With us, you will have the possibility to buy a version containing the double, that is to say 500mg/ml of testosterone enanthate, in vials of 10ml. The main advantage of this concentration remains of course the quantity of oil to be injected which is half as large, and therefore, consequently, the risk of having post-injection pain, abscesses or infections is significantly reduced. , since the amount of oil diffused into the muscle is less. It is the molecule par excellence for any cycle of anabolics, it is the basis of each cure and allows to bring a suitable well-being and libido, where other anabolic steroids can interfere on this point -the. You can easily purchase this product as well as other injectable steroids through our website.

Testosterone Dosage For Beginners

Testosterone is obviously the most suitable molecule for a beginner who has never performed anabolic steroid cycles before.The dosage will of course have to be determined, depending on the person's experience, weight/height, but for a beginner in general, a dosage of around 500mg/week for 8 to 10 weeks would be more than sufficient. This will first allow him to test his tolerance to this molecule, although at this dosage the side effects will remain very mild, finally, this will allow him to obtain very good muscle gains which will, for the most part, be preserved after the cycle if the diet and the rigor in training are still present. We can expect 7 to 10kg with such a cycle, it will obviously be necessary to perform a relaunch at the end of any testosterone cycle, in order to relaunch the endogenous production of the user. Even for a newbie, buying testosterone online or even specifically buying testosterone enanthate should no longer be a problem. The low price of clenbuterol makes this drug a very good product to combine with anabolics.

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Strongly democratized since the time of Arnold for bodybuilding, the production of testosterone in the form of injections has increased tenfold in recent years. Many laboratories now produce it, however we are the only sellers in France to offer you testosterone at a concentration of 500mg/ml. To buy this product, simply add the product to your basket and pay for your order using one of the available payment methods. Then your package will be shipped from the European Union and delivered to you in about a week. Any package that is lost or does not arrive at its destination will of course be reshipped at our expense. We are the French market leaders in terms of anabolic steroids and pharmaceutical products.We offer the largest catalog of products for performance, with laboratory analyzes to support it. If you are a man, buying our testosterone will give you the expected effects.


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