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150mg/ml Phenyl-Propionate

How To Use Testosterone Phenylpropionate?

Testosterone PP is a hormone naturally produced by the human body, it is essential for many functions of our body, whether for muscle tissue growth, libido/erection, feeling of well-being, energy, etc It was first synthesized at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time it was not attached to any ester, it is the basic testosterone or "no ester", it was not until a few years later that it was chemically modified and attached to a propionate ester (fast ), then again later to a long ester, enanthate. Originally it was used to treat patients on testosterone replacement therapy, but was soon used in the sports world to increase performance. Testosterone allows an increase in muscle mass and muscle strength, it will also increase lipolysis and the feeling of well-being, as well as libido and erections. Testosterone phenylpropionate can be combined with all other anabolic steroids: it is found in the majority of anabolic steroid cycles. With us you have the opportunity to buy an extremely rare testosterone ester: this is testosterone phenylpropionate 150mg. We are the only sellers in France to offer it, it is an ester which has a release rate between testosterone propionate and cypionate, it is slower than propionate, but faster than cypionate, therefore, it will be necessary to inject it 3 times a week ideally, but twice can be enough.

Cycle For Beginners

Testosterone phenylpropionate 150 can of course be used by a beginner, but different parameters of the individual must be taken into account to adjust the dosage: among others, their age, weight, height and number of years of training, however , for a beginner, a dosage of around 500-600mg of testosterone phenypropionate would be sufficient to have good gains, while minimizing side effects as much as possible. One can of course choose to couple this molecule with dianabol or even oxandrolone, however, if the user has never done an anabolic steroid cycle, it would be better to stick to a single molecule, so to test the person's tolerance. The cycle will not need to extend beyond 8-10 weeks, at this stage already the athlete can expect a solid gain of the order of 6-8 kg of retained muscle . It may be necessary to add an aromatase inhibitor to control the level of estrogen, just as it will be essential to perform a follow-up at the end of the cycle to restart the natural production of the person. Testosterone pp is very rarely available for purchase: in France, it is only on our website that you can purchase anavar and this product, since it is a fairly rare product. You can also buy dianabol, clenbuterol and/or ephedrine, all of which combine very well with this product.

Positive Effects Of Testosterone Phenylpropionate

The positive effects of testosterone phenylpropionate are obviously numerous. One can expect, of course, a large increase in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, as well as an increase in red blood cell production and a decrease in glucocorticoids. On a psychological level, testosterone phenylpropionate will increase feelings of well-being, as well as libido, as well as energy.Testosterone pp 150 will also promote lipolysis during a cutting/cutting cycle, but will also stimulate IGF1 production. An increase in muscle strength will also be seen after a few weeks, as well as muscle endurance. The muscles, especially in the torso, will be more prominent and more apparent, especially the deltoids. Again, this can vary depending on the body fat level of the individual.

Side effects

Regardless of the ester attached to testosterone pp, the side effects will be much the same, the only difference will be the speed at which they appear and disappear. Among the side effects of testosterone phenylpropionate, there is of course its estrogenic activity: a surplus of testosterone phenylpropionate 150mg will be converted via the aromatase enzyme into a hormone called estrogen, an excess of this hormone can cause retention of water and gynecomastia, so care should be taken to control its level and use an aromatase inhibitor. Acne, oily skin and accelerated hair loss will also be possible, as will a change in lipid profile with increased LDL cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol, as well as temporary suppression of endogenous testosterone production. A follow-up at the end of the cycle, as well as an adapted diet and the use of adequate protections will make it possible to minimize, or even prevent, most of these effects.

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Testosterone phenylpropionate is a very rare version of testosterone. We are also the only sellers on the French market and one of the few in Europe to offer you to buy testosterone phenylpropionate. In addition, its unbeatable price makes it one of the most popular products.With us, you have access to the largest catalog of anabolic steroids and pharmaceutical products on the French market. To purchase Testosterone PP 150mg or even buy anabolic steroids for bodybuilding, all you have to do is add it to your cart and place your order. Then, when paying, you will have the choice between 4 different means of payment: payment by bitcoins, fast, instant, 100% secure and anonymous and above all free of charge, or the transfer of money western union/money gram ( which requires going to an agency) or finally the bank transfer (the costs may vary depending on your bank, moreover the time taken to receive the funds may vary by several days). Once payment is confirmed, we will immediately ship your package from the European Union. It will be delivered to your home within a week in general. Some packages may be misplaced by the postal services or even disappear for some unknown reason. In these cases, we will of course pay for the reshipment of your package at our expense. If you have any questions, be aware that an e-mail support is intended to answer any of your questions within 24 hours and 7 days a week.


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