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Turinabol – 1 Pack 50 Tablets 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone

Oral turinabol is a steroid developed in Germany in the 60s, in order to increase the performance of athletes. In terms of its chemical structure, it is identical to dianabol, the only difference is that it has one less carbon atom, this will nevertheless strongly differentiate it from dianabol in terms of side effects. Basically, oral t bol is a much milder dianabol, therefore it is surely the best steroid for a beginner (along with primo tabs), it is certainly toxic to the liver but not as much as one hears . Other than that, it converts to estrogen with little to no acne, increases libido, doesn't affect lipid profile dramatically, and doesn't cause loss of appetite. Instead, it will provide quality muscle mass gain, admittedly not as significant as methandrostenolone, but still significant, as well as an increase in strength and slight water retention. Obviously, it suppresses the natural production of testosterone but in a less aggressive way than dianabol and this of course depending on the dosage used. Turinabol 20 is offered by MR pharma with us, at a dosage of 20mg per tablet and in sachets each containing 50 tablets. Apart from bodybuilding, whether you are a sprint athlete or a practitioner of combat sports or a collective sport, tbol will be able to adapt to your discipline: it will considerably increase your speed if you train for, even for weightlifters and powerlifters it will provide significant help, it can improve performance, whether in strength, speed or power.It was also used, from its manufacture in the 1960s, by the shot putters at the Olympic Games who won all the medals.

Oral Turinabol Results In Bodybuilding

Turinabol 20 is a fairly versatile steroid that can be used both in bodybuilding in the mass gain phase and in the cutting phase, but also in most other sports due to its ability to increase athletic performance both in strength only in speed. Sold in tablets each containing 20mg of turinabol, unlike dianabol it will take some time to be felt, count about 3 to 4 weeks before you really feel the increase in strength, nevertheless, muscle gains and congestion appear much longer early. It will increase your lean muscle mass fairly quickly, without causing excess fluid retention. Among the side effects are the usual testosterone-related effects, but to a much lower degree, such as acne, hypertension, oily skin, suppression of natural production, but both the acceleration of hair loss and the modification of cholesterol values ​​will rarely be observed and will have no harmful consequences on your body, the only effect which should worry would be the increase in liver values, transaminases may be a little high depending on your tolerance and dosage, during taking tbol, ​​so be sure to keep an eye on it. The only criticism that can be made of turinabol is that unfortunately it lacks a bit of power in terms of anabolism, for this reason, high level bodybuilders almost never use it during their cycle, they prefer the use of methandrostenolone or anadrol, even if it means having more side effects.It is true that on an experienced user of anabolics, that is to say using dosages greater than 1gr of testosterone associated with various other molecules, such as trenbolone or nandrolone, turinabol will have almost no noticeable effect. on building muscle.

4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Cycle

Turinabol 20 can be taken in different cycles, nevertheless it is the most suitable steroid with primobolan tabs for beginners. It can be taken alone with good results: a lean mass gain of around 5 to 7kg during a first treatment is quite possible. Subsequently, turinabol is very versatile, you can combine it in the majority of your cycles, whether it is weight gain or cutting, for example, it combines very well with testosterone and deca or trenbolone, nevertheless , slow to be felt, it may be necessary to frontload testosterone during a cycle of turinabol. It can also be combined with an oral steroid like anavar, it will have the same synergistic effect as with dianabol, but also in the cutting phase it will accelerate lipolysis, or even allow some muscle gains. For a beginner, when taking oral turinabol alone, a good dose would be between 50 and 70mg depending on the weight of the person, for a slightly more experienced user, we can go up between 70 and 100mg. Cycles should never exceed 8 weeks, between 6 and 8 weeks is ideal. It has a half-life of about 8 hours, so taking every 8 hours would be ideal. At the end of a tbol cycle, natural testosterone production should have no trouble kicking back in, but when combined with other anabolics, a nolvadex and clomid boost should be done.Nevertheless, even if when taken alone the suppression is weak, it is still advisable to carry out a revival, in order to accelerate the process which will restart natural production and therefore avoid losing your muscle gains during this period there.

How Does Turinabol Effects On Your Body?

Like dianabol tablets, turinabol 20mg will increase your muscle mass quite quickly, accompanied by mild water retention associated with increased muscle strength. It promotes protein synthesis. For a beginner, your muscles, especially those in the torso, are the ones that will develop very quickly from the start (deltoid, trapezius, pectorals), this is what gives the bull shape and generally distinguishes steroid users from other people. Depending on your diet, a loss of fat mass may be possible, the muscles may be more defined and more striated, as well as an important vascularization and large congestions will be present. It will increase your libido and give you a feeling of well-being sometimes associated with powerful erections. Although considered mild, be careful not to prolong the use of this steroid for too long a period, it is certainly very mild over a period of 5-6-7 weeks, but when its use is made over several months and several times in the year, the risks multiply, a case of liver cancer has been linked to a continuous intake of oral t-bol over several years.Obviously, over a period of 6-7 weeks, you are far from such a risk, you just have to keep in mind that the liver is certainly a fantastic organ, which has an incredible capacity for regeneration, but it is even necessary to leave him certain phases of rest, even half the duration of your cycle would be sufficient to let him rest, the ideal would be to leave a rest time between each cycle, equal to the duration of your cycle and this , after the recovery of course.

Turinabol Tablets From MR Pharma

We offer you turinabol 20 manufactured by MR pharma, a world-renowned laboratory providing pharmaceutical-grade anabolic steroids and a fast-growing company. We are one of the few traders to offer this laboratory with Valkyrie Pharmaceutical, both are among the best European laboratories. We put at your disposal, on our website, the largest catalog of anabolic steroids in France, we are number 1 in France, whether in terms of logistics or customer relations. Once your order is placed, we will ship from the European Union and it will be delivered to you in less than a week. In addition, for your convenience, you have the option of paying with different payment methods, whether by credit card via bictoins or by bank transfer or even by money transfer via western union. Whether your package does not arrive at its destination, whether it is broken or lost, we will send it back to you directly. In addition, an email support is intended to answer all your questions within 24 hours maximum. The oral t-bol from MR pharma is sold in tablet format each containing 20mg of turinabol, in sachets of 50 tablets, it will provide you with all the effects associated with taking this molecule.


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