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Anadrol – 100 Tablets Oxymetholone 50mg

In terms of potency and anabolism, Anadrol 50 is surely the steroid that comes to the ear of any anabolic steroid user. Oxymetholone 50 was synthesized in the 1960s, with the aim of helping people suffering from anemia, various gastrointestinal diseases, as well as patients suffering from HIV and whose weight loss was severe. It is reputed to provide incredible muscle gain in a very short period of time, it is not uncommon to observe under this steroid a gain of 4 to 6kg during the first 2 weeks of a cycle, a strong increase in muscle strength will also be noted, as well as greatly increased congestion. Sold in the form of tablets dosed at 50mg of anadrol, it is not to be put in the hands of just anyone, indeed, although the majority of users feel a feeling of well-being with the use of steroids such as than dianabol, with anadrol it's a different story. The power of this steroid is paid for by the price of side effects: it is not uncommon to feel a nauseous state, to have headaches, as well as insomnia. It will greatly increase aggressiveness, which in some cases and in some sports can be a considerable advantage, just like during a weight training session. Its effectiveness is no longer to be discussed, however, part of the muscle mass acquired is made of water retention which can however be controlled by lowering its sodium level and by making use of inhibitors of aromatase.

How Anadrol Works?

Anadrol, like any anabolic steroid, increases protein synthesis, ie if we take a closer look, once injected, it crosses the plasma membrane, then will bind to androgen receptors. The couple formed will bind to the DNA, which will trigger transcription which, in turn, will make it possible to synthesize a pre-messenger RNA molecule, then the messenger RNA obtained will migrate into the cytoplasm, where there will be a translation of the latter (what are called ribosomes, which will read the nucleotide sequence of the messenger RNA obtained and will associate amino acids with each cord (triplet of nucleotides)), and subsequently, a new protein will break free. Subsequently, it can also be noted that injectable oxymetholone causes an increase in nitrogen retention (promotes positive nitrogen balance), but also will strongly stimulate the production of igf 1 (strongly anabolic hormone). Oxymetholone 50 will reduce, of course like any anabolic, the effect of glucocorticoids such as cortisol by binding to its receptors.

Anadrol 50 Results: Before And After

During an anadrol 50 cycle, your body will transform, those around you will notice the difference very quickly, your muscles will swell very quickly. Among the transformations that we see on the net, they are most often associated with the use of injectable oxymetholone or dianabol. It is not uncommon, at the end of an oxymetholone-based cycle, to have a gain greater than 12-13kg. The combination of this steroid with testosterone and / or trenbolone is terribly effective: together they will strongly stimulate the production of igf 1 and therefore muscle growth. Your strength will exceed all your expectations. We often observe a minimum gain of +20kg in the bench press as well as a strong aggressiveness during training. Your body will be more inflated, fuller and will sport a massive appearance.The most impressive muscular transformations that we have seen were often during cycles composed of anadrol associated with trenbolone and testosterone and/or nandrolone (insulin and growth hormone in addition), it is surely among the most powerful cycles that can exist.

Positive Effects

In terms of positive effects, as mentioned above, anadrol 50 will greatly increase protein synthesis in addition to promoting positive nitrogen balance. This will strongly contribute to the increase in the size of the myofibrils. In addition, igf 1, a hormone present in almost all cells of the human body and highly anabolic, will be greatly stimulated by injectable oxymetholone. Similarly, the production of red blood cells, and therefore the supply of oxygen in the blood, will be much higher: your muscles will therefore have access to a larger quantity of oxygen, muscular endurance will only be increased tenfold. . Finally, one of the most sought-after effects after mass gain: muscle strength will be greatly increased, due to the lubrication of the joints due to water retention. Your muscles will have the ability to move much heavier loads in a very short period of time, your progress will explode in just 2-3 weeks. Like testosterone, oxymetholone 50mg can lead to a strong increase in libido, as well as a feeling of well-being.

Anadrol Stack With Anavar For Muscle Growth

Anadrol has a certain synergy with certain anabolic steroids, this is the case of trenbolone in particular: together they will strongly stimulate the production of igf 1, but above all a very good synergy with anavar, the combo of these two is surely the favorite of a large number of strength athletes, whether powerlifter or strongman, it is surely one of the combos that will allow you the greatest possible strength gain with anabolic steroids.On the one hand you have anavar which will stimulate the synthesis of creatine phosphate, on the other you will have the water retention caused by anadrol. This stack will also allow, unlike oxymetholone 50 mg taken alone, a muscle gain of a certain quality, anavar having properties allowing a clean muscle gain. Sold in 50mg doses, care should be taken with the dosages employed, being both alpha alkylated steroids, some liver toxicity results. Certainly the toxicity of oral steroids was sometimes exaggerated, but when the use of 2 oral steroids is made, it is advisable in this case to pay particular attention, so do not venture into a mixture of anadrol 50 and d anavar if you do not have a perfectly healthy liver and if you do not take specific supplements for the liver (the use of desmodium Eps would be mandatory limit), the dose taken should therefore be reasonable: 50mg of anadrol with 50mg of anavar is more than enough. For the most experienced and for those who have a strong liver and who, of course, are extremely rigorous in their diet and in the control of their blood balance, we can then increase the dosage of anapolon and oxandrolone to 100mg . Naturally at these dosages, the cycles should never exceed 5-6 weeks.

Side Effects In Bodybuilding

Where things get tough is in terms of side effects: the power of anadrol 50 is necessarily paid for by the price of side effects, but not as much as we hear on the internet. The majority of side effects of oxymetholone are controllable and remain without serious consequences for health, as long as the dosages, cycle lengths and rest periods are respected. Besides the problems of nausea, insomnia, night sweats, etc.which are without serious consequence, you should know that first of all, it is a 17alpha alkylated steroid: its oral form is therefore toxic to the liver, it is therefore necessary to avoid any serious liver problem, regularly check the state of its liver via blood tests and use supplements that protect the liver (desmodium eps is an excellent choice, milk thistle and other plants), it will also be necessary to limit the duration of the cycles to 5-6 weeks maximum. Anadrol 50 can also negatively affect your lipid profile by lowering HDL cholesterol and increasing LDL (which can, in the long term, clog the arteries and thus cause a risk of stroke or heart attack). Again, if you do not suffer from cholesterol problems, the values ​​generally return to normal at the end of the cycle, the important thing is, just like the liver, not to prolong the cycles for too long a period, because that's when serious problems can appear. Finally, like the majority of anabolic steroids, it induces a suppression of the natural production of testosterone, and therefore it will be necessary after any cycle to carry out a recovery and to use during the cycle of hcg at a dosage of 25ui two times per week. Once the cycle is over, a post cycle therapy based on tamoxifen and clomiphene citrate will be necessary, in order to help the body to restart a natural production and thus to avoid a hormonal crash. Periods of rest between each cycle of oxymetholone are strongly recommended, we will also limit its use to 2-3 times in the year maximum, if you want to stay in good health as long as possible.

Legal Steroid Product From Valkyrie Lab

Since its use was diverted and used in sports, the demand has only grown and you can now buy anadrol online quite easily.We offer you anadrol in the form of tablets manufactured by the Valkyrie Pharmaceutical laboratory, dosed at 50mg per tablet. It is a pharmaceutical quality product that will provide you with all the effects expected by this molecule. To make the purchase of anadrol 50, just place an order with us. Once your payment has been received, we will prepare your order. First of all, we will carefully pack your package, all your vials will be protected and the package discreet. Once this step is completed, we will ship your package directly from the European Union, to guarantee a customs clearance rate of almost 100%. We are number 1 in France, both in terms of quantity and variety of products available on our site. In addition, we have among the best delivery times: once shipped, your package will be delivered to your home in less than a week (excluding weekends and public holidays and excluding postal service problems). You can place your orders and pay using different payment methods available (bitcoins, bank transfer, western union, money gram). We also have support that will answer all your questions within 24 hours maximum.


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