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Winstrol (Winny 10) From Valkyrie

Stanozolol, by its trade name winstrol, is one of the most popular anabolic steroids in the world. Created by Winthrop Laboratories in the late 1950s for medical purposes and in particular to treat certain cases of osteoporosis, but also for certain people undergoing long corticosteroid treatments following burns. It was also used to treat severe fractures, it was particularly effective in these cases. Where its notoriety took a springboard was in 1988 when a sprint athlete, Ben Johnson tested positive for this molecule, just after winning the gold medal. Winstrol tablet is a steroid available in injectable and oral form. It is a particularly effective steroid when it comes to increasing athletic performance, being only very weakly androgenic, it does not undergo any conversion by the aromatase enzyme and therefore there is no chance of seeing a any water retention during an oral winstrol cycle. For this reason, many athletes, from sports where weight gain is to be avoided (athletics, weightlifting, weight categories not to be exceeded, etc.) favor it, they will be able to significantly increase their strength and/or their speed without going to the category above. In addition, it significantly increases protein synthesis and reduces, at the same time, the effect of glucocorticoids, such as cortisol, responsible for stress and muscle catabolism. Thus, muscle gain is still possible under winstrol 10 provided you eat accordingly.

How To Use Winstrol Safely?

Stanozolol, due to its oral form, is 17 alpha alkylated, so it is potentially toxic to the liver. Some people reluctant to do injections prefer the use of oral steroids. I don't recommend it in general, especially if taken alone without a testosterone base. If you have really chosen to do an oral winstrol cycle, limit your dosage to 40-60mg depending on your level and do not exceed 6 weeks. In itself, this will not bring you exceptional gains. It will help you if you are a sprint athlete or a weightlifter, as it can increase your performance (strength and speed), but for bodybuilding it will have little results on its own. Instead, it would be better to combine it with other steroids, testosterone combines well with winstrol, adding deca will also help, because stanozolol has a tendency to weaken the tendons, thus, it is not uncommon to see joint pain appear. As a result, deca will fulfill the role of lubricating all the joints very well. Taken in combination with other anabolic steroids, it will amplify the effect of the latter, in particular because it has the particularity of significantly reducing shbg, a transport protein which binds to testosterone and prevents it from being used by different muscle tissues. So more testosterone will be available, although all steroids reduce shbg, studies have shown winstrol 10mg to be particularly effective for this, at a dosage as low as 20mg per day it would reduce shbg by almost 50% , so when combined in a cycle, if you just want to use it to get this effect then 20-30mg will be enough, but if you are a cutting bodybuilder it will be a big help.Revise the dosages upwards, around 50-80mg per day depending on your level and tolerance to side effects. Plan regular blood tests, in particular to monitor the state of your liver (transaminase), as well as your cholesterol, since it has a fairly negative impact on the latter. In addition, it may cause an acceleration of hair loss, it is known to be quite aggressive on the hair follicles (the use of finasteride can help in this case).

Winstrol Results: Before And After

Before starting any cycle of stanozolol 10, we must be aware of one thing: although it can bring benefits to the majority of people, winstrol 10mg is especially optimized for two specific cases, bodybuilders and / or practitioners of bodybuilding in the cutting/cutting phase, in whom it will make it possible to have a drier, striated and harder appearance, it will also improve muscle definition, as well as vascularization, the 2nd category would be represented by all athletes wishing to improve their performance , whether you practice a sport dominated by speed and/or strength or power, it will allow good gains if you follow appropriate training of course. As far as mass gain is concerned, very few people use it during the bulking phases, some incorporate it in "off season" at small doses, just to take advantage of the effect on the shbg, but again the cases are rare, we prefer to keep it for the drying phase. So, if you are an athlete and you are looking for quality winstrol to buy, you can choose to go through our services, we assure you that our product will meet your expectations.

What to stack with Winny 10?

Stanozolol tablet is certainly much more effective when combined with other anabolic steroids.The base would be the couple at least with testosterone, whether enanthate or sustanon for a bulking phase or propionate for a dry phase. To this, we can possibly add, if you are in the mass gain phase, nandrolone decanoate, which will reduce the joint pain of the latter. Where winstrol 10mg is most often used is during cutting cycles and in particular it is often found combined with testosterone propionate associated with masteron p and trenbolone acetate, it is a particularly effective combo and frequently used by competitors in the last phase of their preparation, you will have, as a result of such a cycle, a much drier physique, very veiny, striated and a hard aspect. However, this cycle is not for everyone, only an experienced user with several years of anabolic steroid use should consider such a cycle and again only if he has a competitive goal. Where it is interesting to use winstrol obviously remains dry, because of its price it is an excellent alternative to anavar which is quite expensive.

Winstrol Benefits For Bodybuilders

Winstrol tablets, although very popular with athletes, is mainly used by bodybuilders, especially during the last 2-3 months of preparation, just before a competition. Combined with at least testosterone and possibly mastron, it causes fairly rapid lipolysis and allows you to go down to fat mass levels normally impossible without the use of anabolics. It is not uncommon to observe athletes at 4-5% body fat during competitions.Winstrol 10mg at this level has impressive effects: it will give a cut/skinned appearance to your physique, your muscles will be much more venous, more drawn, more salient, the separations between the different muscles will be more accentuated, as will their hard and dense appearance will be accentuated, since there will be no water retention, the muscle will be extremely well defined. Stanozolol 10 also allows, during a mass gain cycle, to potentiate the effect of the other steroids to which it is coupled, since it will significantly lower the shbg.

Negative effects

Like any anabolic steroid, stanozolol tablets can cause some side effects: first of all, be aware that being a dht derivative, it can cause accelerated hair loss. It is known to be particularly harmful to hair follicles, so be careful not to extend your winstrol cycles beyond 6 weeks. Using finasteride may help in some cases, but again the effect will be minimal. In addition, winstrol will have a fairly negative impact on cholesterol: it will decrease good cholesterol (HDL) and increase bad cholesterol (LDL), this can, in the long run, be harmful to the heart, cholesterol accumulating in the arteries, it is therefore necessary to avoid prolonging winstrol cycles and above all to have a diet rich in good fats. It will also have some impact on the fragility of the tendons: it is not uncommon for users during winstrol cycle to observe joint pain, a solution to this would be to couple a small amount of nandrolone decanoate which helps to reduce the pain (doses as low as 100mg per week are sufficient).In addition, it is 17 alpha alkylated and therefore potentially toxic to the liver, once again, take care to regularly check the state of your various organs by carrying out blood tests (transaminase for the liver). Finally, it will suppress some of the natural testosterone production, so it will be important to perform post cycle therapy at the end of each winstrol 10 cycle.

Buy Winstrol Online With Credit Card

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