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Peptides are still recent molecules intended for research and used more and more in the world of sport. There are peptides with many functions, whether for muscle healing like TB-500, increasing the production of growth hormones, muscle growth, etc. The tb-500 is still relatively little studied in humans and few studies are available, it has however been much more studied in horses. For humans, we only have information from individuals who have done the experiment. It is a fragment of the thymosin beta 4 hormone, tb4 as it is called, is produced by the thymus, a gland at the base of the neck which atrophies with old age, it has been shown to promoted wound healing, stem cell differentiation and inflammation reduction. TB-500 shares the majority of the effects of tb4 with the advantage of being much less expensive, therefore you can buy it at lower cost. This peptide therefore promotes healing, as well as the range of motion during an injury, and it would reduce the inflammation of the pain caused by the injury. These effects can be enhanced by adding other peptides, such as ghrp (ghrp6/2, ipamorelin, hexarelin), so healing will be more effective and faster. The association with growth hormone is also very effective. Tb500 is available in the form of vials containing 2mg of powder to be reconstituted preferably with bacteriostatic water.

TB-500 Peptide Results

TB-500 seems to provide good results on the majority of injuries, be it tendon, muscle or even other muscle injuries, this also includes connective tissue and even skin injuries.Whether in chronic wounds or even large wounds requiring a long healing time, TB-500 appears to be particularly effective in accelerating healing and reducing inflammation, it derives its properties from thymosin beta 4. many cure journals mentioning individuals who have used this peptide, whether with or without an anabolic or with and without a combination of other peptides, it is heavily used in the sports world. Depending on the type and extent of the injury, it may reduce inflammation and improve healing, however, on injuries that cannot be healed naturally, i.e. requiring surgery, TB-500 will not be able to be of much help, on the other hand, it can have postoperative curative effects.

Dosage for Recovery

The tb 500 must be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water if you wish to store it for a long period or with sodium chloride-based water, if storage does not exceed one week. The ideal amount of water to inject would be 1ml. In terms of dosage, you can start with 2 to 2.5 mg twice a week, for 4 to 6 weeks, then you can continue at this dose or use a maintenance dose 2 to 3 times a month. In some cases, the dose of tb 500 peptide can be increased up to 5mg, or even 10mg for large wounds. TB 500 is a peptide that promotes recovery, however it is not a miracle cure, it will only speed up recovery, in case of serious injury, it is necessary to consult a professional.

Worst Side Effects

Peptides, for the most part, are substances with relatively few side effects, moreover, being molecules still intended for research or only used in animals, we do not have sufficient data.Also for tb-500, which is used massively in horses but still little by humans, it cannot be said that it does not cause any long-term side effects, however, tb 500 seems to be a relatively mild peptide for the body, except for injection rashes and some headaches, nothing more was observed. TB 500 is chemically very close to thymosin beta 4 and therefore inherits all its healing effects, without having any harmful side effects.

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The tb 500, like the majority of existing peptides, is still a molecule at the development stage, intended for research. As a result, few studies exist and the only way to obtain and buy them is on websites. Having little reliable information on the subject, some sites take advantage of the ignorance of some people to sell you a totally false or under-dosed product, with us, no worries, all our products are reliable and of pharmaceutical quality. We offer tb 500 for sale, similar to thymosin beta 4: to purchase it, simply select the product and the desired quantity and add it to your basket. Once you have made your choice, you can then send the funds via the payment method of your choice. Money transfer, bank transfer and payment by bitcoins are available, the most advantageous is payment by bitcoins: it is fast, secure and will not cost you any fees. Once the money has been received, the package will be immediately packaged and posted, it will then be sent to you from the European Union, within approximately one week. In the rare cases where the package does not arrive at its destination (loss or theft related to postal services) and after a minimum waiting period, it will be reshipped at our expense.For any questions, you can send us your requests via the contact section of the site: e-mail support is available 7 days a week and will answer your questions within 12 hours maximum. We are both leaders in terms of quality pharmaceutical products, but also in logistics and customer service.


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